Letter from the Editor October 2011
October 2011
Dear Readers,

As I perused the naked men with big erections in this month's issue of Paragon Men, the lyrics of the Diana Ross classic hit "Muscles" (written for her by the late Michael Jackson) kept repeating in my head:

I don't care
If he's young or old
Just make him beautiful
I just want some strong man to hold on to

I want muscles
All over his body
Make him strong enough
From his head down to his toes
I want muscles

Those lyrics say it perfectly, this month we have young men, older men, black men and white men. The one thing they have in common: big muscles, all over their bodies. If you haven't already sampled their wares, you'll be pleased to learn that the huge muscles include the hard one between their legs. Can you smell the testosterone?

  • Do you like your musclestuds young? Then we offer you the unweathered glory of Chris Hunter's early twenties nude form. Chris' body is still maturing, and surely the effects of gravity are nowhere to be seen, but he is all man.


  • Do you like your bodybuilders unbelievably hot with huge erections? If so, take a ride on the everywhere massiveness of Hass. To paraphrase Winston Churchill's famous maxim about the ferocity of the Greeks against the Italians and Germans in World War II, "Hence we will not say that Hass is hung like a horse, but rather that a horse is hung like Hass." Size queen block party!
  • Do you admire massiveness with movie star looks? Then check out the mouth-watering nude form of male stripper Jake Austin. From his too-perfect face to his succulent ass and hard-to-keep down hard-on, this muscleman is built for love.
  • Do you dream of dreamy daddy with a dynamic dick? Then spread your tongue around Jim Ferro's monumental Prince Albert. Age doesn't matter. Muscles matter. Cock matters. Attitude matters. Jim has an oversupply of all three.


  • Do you like male models with muscle forms? Then Michael Patrick is sure to satisfy. This beautiful muscle stud know how to make love to the camera, among other things. Explore every inch of his magnificent form in the Penthouse.
  • In this month's Paragon Men Spotlight, we feature the compelling images of Ethan James Photography. We were so taken with Ethan's way with an ass, and an erection, that we hope to bring him back as a contributing photographer soon.


Enjoy the October 2011 lineup everyone! We have a blockbuster issue cumming in November, so I must get busy. Let me assure subscribers, you'll have plenty to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. As always, please follow @ParagonMen on Twitter to keep with us all month long, and feel free to friend me on Facebook or "like" our new Paragon Men Facebook page before it gets deleted again for overly erotic content.

Wishing you lots of muscles all month long,



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