Letter from the Editor December 2011
December 2011

Dear Readers,

Since antiquity, humanity has enjoyed a major festival of gift giving and revelry near the time of winter solstice, in the early part of winter when the days are very short and the nights are long and cold.  Christianity later coopted this holiday, and what the Romans called Saturnalia became Christmas.  While Christmas is a wonderful holiday, we could perhaps learn something from ancient Rome, where the historian Curtis reports that the exchange of lavish gifts included male slaves with massive penises, Greek physiques and ardent mouths.  Like a generous Patrician, I therefore offer you, my loyal friends, a team of sexually-charged Adonises for your erotic pleasure. Yo Saturnalia!

  • Trent West was our first Paragon Man, way back in our premier issue in August 2009.  At the time, we couldn't convince tall, dark, shredded and drop-dead gorgeous male fitness magazine cover model Trent to go all the way and display his thick cock for us.  Well, two-and-a-half years later, check out this strapping stud exposing his magnificent ass and wielding his formidable hard-on.  Stuff your stocking with that!
  • Anthony Catanzaro is a legend among worshippers of naked bodybuilders, given his long career as a Chippendales headliner and his multiple appearances as a Playgirl centerfold (shot by none other than our own brilliant photographer Greg Weiner) back in the days of print erotica.  We are pleased to show that, like a fine Italian wine, this awesome stud has only improved with age.  All his muscles are as perfect as his ever, and the powerful meat between his legs seems to have grown even larger with continued heavy use.
  • Derek Atlas started out as a mainstream fitness magazine cover model, until the gigantic bulge in his workout shorts and the irresistible curves of his ass led lust-crazed photographers to induce this innocent young man to adopt the Atlassian nom de porn and expose everything for our viewing pleasure.  Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Clause, and this year he has brought you the world's most sexed-up muscleman, with a full-service rear entry and a jumbo cock that he works to an explosive finale in the Paragon Penthouse!
  • Do you enjoy watching Gigolos on Showtime?  I do.  Nothing is quite as exciting for me as seeing women use hot men for sex, whether it's the shy girl who lies there and lets the skilled sexual professional bring her to unimagined heights of orgasmic pleasure with his hands, tongue and cock, or the woman of means who know what she demanding performance: "Suck my clit. Now lick my clit. Now fuck my pussy from behind...."  Well, male prostitute Victor Gunn has seen it all.  Eaten it all.  Fucked it all.  Enjoy the ride, as gorgeous, horsehung Victor shows you what makes him an addiction for so many lucky clients (are women who hire men for sex called "Janes") in his graphic performance for Paragon Men.
  • I'm pleased to say we have an Anonymous Paragon Man this month, and he's a doozie!  He's a dancer, gymnast and acrobat with a huge hard-on and an insatiable hole.  Which he fucked during his shoot.  With a vibrating dildo.  And came like crazy during the shoot with his jumbo cock tied up, his big balls in a clamp, and his favorite sex toy shoved up his ass.  He says he's 100% straight, and that an old girlfriend introduced him to anal pleasure because she couldn't resist his awesome ass.  So, basically, he's a straight bottom.  Guys like this make me think we should let more models cover their faces for the shoots.
  • Speaking of big dicks, and when aren't I, take a gander in the Paragon Spotlight this month.  New York photographer Jonathan Lane has a knack for finding the best-hung men to shoot.  And he shoots them brilliantly, capturing every sexy, rippling muscle, and always emphasizing the awesome equipment.  I'm very pleased to be able to introduce you to Jonathan's work!

As always, make sure to follow Paragon Men on Twitter to keep up with our goings-on all month long, and feel free to like our Facebook page or to connect with me personally on Facebook or Unthink.  Finally, just to see if anyone has read this far, anyone who emails me a request, including their size and mailing address and a self-pic, no later than December 24, 2011 will receive an official Paragon Men t-shirt as a gift from me.  Joyous Festivus!  Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukah!  Yo Saturnalia!

Warm wishes for a horny holiday season,



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