Letter from the Editor November 2011
November 2011

Dear Readers,

Since we've already had a blizzard in NYC, I for one am already turning to Paragon Men to heat things up a bit.  Fortunately, the sizzling November issue of Paragon Men will have me sweating through the month.

  • Speaking of getting moist, succulent Cuban muscle stripper Vinnie Diesel (aka Randy Pacheco) was referred to us by several folks who frequent his shows at La Bare Miami, each of whom explained that Vinnie's moves as a male exotic dancer don't leave a dry seat in the house.  One of these women travels to Miami monthly solely to enjoy the pleasures that only adorable sex machine Vinnie can offer, and who can blame her?
  • I generally don't like my men too young, but in Justin Blakely's case I'll make an exception.  Who can resist a handsome, ripped 19-year-old blessed with both a massively thick penis that is seemingly always erect, and a gravity-defying boy ass that guards a winsome, untouched hole?  Well, that was a rhetorical question, but let me answer it anyway: Not me.
  • Ah, Ace Decarlo, how do I praise thee?  Shall I write sonnets about your handsome face with classic features and Roman profile, your physique worthy of Michaelangelo, your callipygian bounty with its hidden rear entry of unrivaled beauty, or your phallic treasure, virtually the Platonic form of the penis.
  • Speaking of penises, let's talk about Francis.  Francis is a superstar at a club in Atlanta known as Swinging Richards.  As in swinging dicks.  Get it?  Yes, Swinging Richards (and its sister club in Miami) is one of the few places the male strippers get totally naked for the audience, with their enormous cocks available for manhandling by the eager audience.  In that awesome setting, massively-hung, perfectly muscled, irresistibly sexy Francis is a standout.  Explore his Paragon Penthouse performance and see how hot a private show can be.
  • Daddy alert!  Anyone looking for a gorgeous man of certain age with massive muscles and a humungous hard-on who has a lifetime of experience in delivering sexual pleasure and an unbridled appetite for freaky sex?  We have just the man for you. Take a ride on Real Paragon Man of the Month Joe Bruno and discover the ecstasy that only experience can deliver.  Do you have what it takes to be a Real Paragon Man?  Then send me your hot, naked pics, and maybe Greg Weiner will be shooting you too!
  • Joe Gulla needs a date.  Seriously.  Stunningly handsome and fit, successful, intelligent and witty Joe Gulla needs to find a Paragon Man of his own.  Now.   In addition, my charming friend Joe also has a successful play "Garbo" that just opened in NYC to rave reviews.  Read our interview with Joe in the Paragon Spotlight and learn more about this extraordinary Renaissance man.
  • Do you like hot images of naked men with perfect bodies?  Then, whether you know it or not, you are a fan of brilliant New York photographer Rick Day.  Rick has managed to get some of the hottest-bodied male models on earth to strip naked for his camera, and the stylized images he has created are the most iconic male nudes of the modern era.  Learn more about Rick Day and see male nudes from his new book Players 2 in our second Spotlight this month.

We have another blockbuster lineup cumming (and I mean that VERY literally) every month for as far as my horny eye can see.  We have truly hit a rich vein of stud meat here at Paragon Men, and we can barely keep our minds on our work long enough to get the issues put together. If you'd like to learn more about what we're up to all month long, follow me on Twitter, friend me or "like" Paragon Men on Facebook, or better yet join me on UNTHINK, a revolutionary social media platform with absolutely no censorship, where we can share without fear that our content or even our profiles can be deleted simply because someone doesn't want to see what we do.  Speaking of censorship, in light of the raging Republican primary contest of noble statesmen, let's join in honoring presidential candidate Rick Santorum!

Wishing you a wonderful November and a bountiful Thanksgiving,



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