Letter from the Editor
Letter from the Editor
September 2011
Dear Readers,

Frankly, I'm glad August is over. Being in New York during an earthquake and a hurricane in a single week was enough excitement for one month. Thank heavens I have a scrumptious lineup of studs for September to help me relax. As if their testosterone-soaked sex appeal wasn't enough, I'd like to point out that a good portion of the male pulchritude this month is stamped "Made in Mexico," much like yours truly.

  • Where do I begin to describe the beauty of Sonoran sex god Alan Valdez. Words simply don't do justice to his bedroom eyes, his movie-star looks, his perfect skin, or his magnificent physique. Greg Weiner's images of Alan speak for themselves, so sit back and enjoy the show. Mexico has produced some of the world's most successful male models - Eduardo Verástegui anyone? - and I have high hopes that Alan will reach even higher in his modeling and acting career.
  • Moving a bit further south of the border, we come to Brazil, the land where the men, and the sex, are hotter than anywhere else on earth. Case in point: tattoed, hair, big-dicked Dalton. This classical actor wows audiences with his thespian skills in the theater, and wows his wildly orgasmic partners with his erotic skills in the bedroom. Check out Dalton's mind-blowing solo show in the Penthouse and you'll see what I mean....
  • Sashaying even further south, we come to Argentina. It used to be said of the beautiful, sophisticated people of Argentina that they "speak Spanish, look Italian, and wish they were French." After checking our Paragon Man Martin Roberts, I have a less Continental generalization in mind: "Argentinian men have really big dicks."  Watch Martin Roberts work his thick meat in his XXX video and let me know if you disagree.
  • Speaking of handling huge cocks, log in to the Penthouse and take a ride on all-American muscle boy Brandon Lewis. This hunk was working in construction until the Great Recession left him no alternative but to start cashing in on his muscles another way. We discovered Brandon when he entered our Paragon Man Contest at Splash Bar NYC a few months ago. When he stripped down to a G-string (and I took a peek inside), I got the paperwork ready for his shoot with Greg. And shoot, and shoot, and shoot he did. Check out the creamy results in Brandon's XXX video.
  • Real Paragon Man for September Bo Bangor sent me naked pictures of his dick, which we of course published in our Real Paragon Men section once we had all the proper releases from this muscular hunk. You, our readers subsequently flooded me with requests to bring Bo in for a shoot with Greg Weiner. Here he is - in stills and video - as always, ask and ye shall receive!
  • Finally, in the Paragon Spotlight this month we are featuring the hottest photographer of male nudes in Mexico, Germán Armenta. Germán's current project is PICSESSIONS and he has managed to discover an army of never-before-seen stunning men, whom he has shot with the artistic fusion of full nudity and subtle eroticism that has become his hallmark. Viva Mexico! I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share Germán's work with world.

We have an amazing lineup coming up in October as well, once again including several awesome male models you've never seen naked before. Also, in the next two weeks, Greg will be shooting 2011 Paragon Man of the Year M-Rod again, and Greg has convinced our first Paragon Man, Trent West, to return to Paragon Men for his first-ever erotic nude shoot! In the meantime, friend me personally on Facebook or follow Paragon Men on Twitter to stay informed - and get sneak peeks - of all our goings-on throughout the month.

Warm regards,


August 2011

Dear Readers,

August 2011.  Incredible.  It has been two years this month since ParagonMen.com burst upon the Internet with the single-minded goal of "celebrating the beauty of the nude male form."

August 2009 Cover - Trent West

Paragon Man was, and is, unique in the world of male erotica.  Every issue of the magazine is available to the public, free of charge.  Go ahead, explore the site and go all the way back in time to the summer of 2009, at the depths of the Great Recession - really, what were we thinking launching a new business in the middle of the worst economic calamity in 90 years?  Unlike other sites, we see ourselves as a magazine.  Each monthly issue stands alone and contains all original content, created exclusively for Paragon Men.  Much like the printed magazines of yore, our readers are able to flip through the pages before they buy. Only nude and erotic content is not available for free.  Thus, the Paragon Men public gallery images are PG-rated "artistic nudes and physique studies" accompanied by Jesse Archer's witty commentary, while the subscribers-only section contains more explicit R-rated nude images and behind-the-scenes videos, as well as X-rated solo erotic videos of our models exploring and exposing their nude, aroused bodies and masturbating to orgasm.  It was revolutionary to give away so much hot original content, and Paragon Men remains the only website that does so.

This month we have brought back three of our most popular models for new shoots, and feature one new, and unbelievably hot you model I know you will love.  Let's review:

  • Starting with our newbie, Montreal Mike, I'm already speechless.  What can I say? Mike is a gorgeous 24-year-old stud with a smoking hot body and a huge, thick, always-hard cock.  His XXX video performance was so hot we couldn't think of anything to cut, so we had to break it up into two long videos.  See if you can hold off as long as Mike does.  I can't!
Montreal Mike
  • I fell in love with Marco Ferrara as soon as I saw him do a split while naked with a hard-on.  Well, he's back, and his already stunning bodybuilder physique has gotten much bigger than before.  Since his first appearance in Paragon Men, Marco has gone on to more hard-core work (under the nom de porn Angelo Antonio), and the years of added training, both in the gym and on the set, pay off in his intense, graphic XXX video performance.
  • Back by popular demand is über-masculine Philadelphia hunk Luke Gardner.  This muscular male stripper has been known to give it all, I mean really give it all, to the lucky ladies in his private shows.  In his original appearance, living sex doll Luke refused to pose full-frontal, but after we caught glimpses of the thick log swinging between his legs, we made a full-court press to get him back, this time naked with an erection.  I know you'll enjoy the results!
  • Joao Caneco.  Just typing his name gave me an erection.  If you haven't seen Brazilian supermodel/bodybuilder Joao Caneco naked before, then you missed his blockbuster original Paragon Men appearance, in which we shot him with his full coat of hair.  For this return performance, we shaved Joao down, the better for you to enjoy his magnificent physique.  Joao is another model who has thus far resisted our entreaties to pose full-frontal with erection.  And let me assure you that he has a lot to show off between those meaty thighs.  I'll keep you posted.
Joe Oppedisano
  • Finally, we are featuring one of my favorite photographers, Joe Oppedisano, in the Paragon Spotlight this month.  Joe has shot for the greatest designers and his images of the men are among the sexiest and most famous in the world.  He also gave me a wonderfully candid interview that I know you will enjoy, along with a sampling of his stunning work.

As always, if you'd like to stay up-to-date on what we're up to all month long, you can follow me @ParagonMen on Twitter.  And if you'd like to stay in touch with me personally, please look for me on Facebook.

Wishing you a wonderful month,



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