Letter from the Editor
Letter from the Editor
September 2009

Dear Readers,

The weather is getting cooler here in NYC, but Paragon Men has gotten even hotter! We have an amazing lineup in the Gallery, and, for our lucky subscribers, the Paragon Penthouse is on fire with gorgeous studs in all their erotic glory!


Reknowned photographer Greg Weiner is the primary artist behind the camera at Paragon Men. Every month we also feature the work of another great photographer of male nudes in the Paragon Spotlight.  This month the Spotlight is on one of my favorite photographers, the brilliant Dennis Dean.  Dennis has produced some of the most iconic nude male images of recent years, and we are proud to share his work with you.

In the Paragon Gallery this month, we are sharing five stunning men with you:

  • Sun-kissed model, actor, acrobat and massage professional Justin Maina has me planning fantasy vacations on the Suncoast beaches near Tampa.  I've read the beaches there are among the world's finest, and now I see why.  With a dreamboat like Justin doing backflips on the powder-white sand and expertly massaging all the tension from my muscles, it's hard to imagine a finer destination indeed.
  • Imagine riding from the Tampa airport with corn-fed muscle god Matthew Towers behind the wheel.  As our subscribers can attest from his startlingly graphic Penthouse spread, the word "ride" belongs in any sentence mentioning Matthew.  Matthew's beautiful body is massive in every respect.  A ride with Matthew would challenge even the most experienced traveler.  But fear not, as you'll soon have a chance to learn when our Penthouse Live HD video chat feature launches, Matthew is a gentle, friendly giant - he can't wait to start meeting his fans!
  • The Tampa-Orlando area has many luxury nudist resorts, where you're bound to meet jaw-dropping Penthouse dreamboat Archer Stevens lounging by the pool.  But if you can't wait to see how perfect his naked body looks, step into the Penthouse, where Archer leaves NOTHING to the imagination. And check back often: A very erotic, high-definition video performance from Archer is in the works!
  • The studs this month aren't all from Tampa.  We have some very hot men right here in NYC.  Witness Brooklyn born and bred G-Force. G-Force is an IFBB pro bodybuilder - among the very best in the world.  But there's more to G-Force than just training for the Olympia (where we'll be scouting for new talent for the muscle worshippers among our subscribers).  G-Force knows what you want and he's not shy about sharing his body with his lust-crazed fans.  In our Penthouse this month will find this world-class professional bodybuilder in his most intensely erotic nude images ever, accompanied by a graphic solo video performance that will leave you breathless.
  • Sultry male model Kevin Ashlee also makes New York his home, where he can be found turning heads on the catwalks of Manhattan.  All that catwalk-walking has certainly paid off for Kevin's posterior, the perfect end to his graceful dancer's body.  As we edited his images, we found ourselves wondering if Kevin has ever busted a butt seam on any haute couture menswear!

I hope you enjoy Paragon Men this month.  In addition to our cover models, we'll be adding new images and videos to the Paragon Penthouse throughout the month for our subscribers.  Let us know which men you like best, and we will bring them back for more.  Tell me what you want to see, and we will make it happen!

Wishing you a joyous month,


August 2009

I have a confession to make:  I am not a summer person.  Every other season is more to my liking than summer, and August is my least favorite month.  The heat is stifling and humidity is suffocating. Yet our culture treasures summer:  Go outside, go to the beach, enjoy the lush green landscape, relish the warmth!

I decline the invitation.  I prefer to spend August inside, where the air is cool and the men are hot.  So, while you're inside as well, I invite you to join me and savor each sizzling bite of our steamy August issue.  Our line-up for this month includes:

  • Sexual superhero Alejandro Delaguardia (a/k/a Macho Nacho), a Latin American professional bodybuilder with a matinee-idol face and a mouth-watering physique.  You'll see all of Alejandro's hidden assets in the Penthouse: Prepare to swoon. If you're overwhelmed imagining what you could do with so much pulsating manhood, stay tuned: Alejandro will be back soon with a totally graphic HD video performance in the Penthouse that will show exactly what he wants.
  • Tampa financial adviser Christian Robert has me seriously considering moving south.  This banker has a perfect bodybuilder's physique hidden under his suit that gets me thinking romance instead of finance.... Are Christian's massive thighs and glutes visible through his elegant pants? Can you make out his perfect ass through the Italian wool when he bends over the desk next to you?  Do his massive pecs and bulging biceps ever tear the fabric of his Brooks Brothers shirts?
  • Physique magazine coverboy Bryan Seth (a/k/a Brandon Jones) will surely seem familiar.  You've seen Bryan's signature six-pack on the cover over every exercise and bodybuilding magazine, now enter the Penthouse to see what he's been hiding under those straining posing trunks.  And don't forget to watch the behind-the-scenes video from Bryan's erotic solo video shoot.  His body will fill you with desire, and his smile and laugh will captivate you.
  • Southern mega-hunk Trent West (a/k/a Paul Powerhouse a/k/a Trent Titus - I know you'll be Googling him looking for more!) actually leaves me with a loss for words.  That stunning face, that divine physique.  The size of him.  Everything about this man is jaw-dropping.  And a bigger eyefull is coming: We are planning to bring Trent to our studio in NYC for a full-blown Penthouse shoot that will answer all your questions and leave NOTHING to the imagination.
  • In the Paragon Spotlight this month we are featuring the beautiful work of Greg Weiner, our resident photographer and the visionary behind Paragon Men.  Greg shot for Playgirl for almost two decades, and the countless Playgirl centerfolds he created are among the most famous images of male nudes ever published.  Greg is a wonderful artist, and we hope you will explore his work both here on Paragon Men and on his web site.

Joining Alejandro and Brandon in the Penthouse you'll find several surprises, including Zeb Atlas, whose superhuman body has made him the world's greatest male erotic superstar!  Also, you'll relish the seductive Latin stud Marco.  And who, you may ask, is the awesomely endowed hunk we call Joseph Graham?  Joseph Graham is none other than the site designer for Paragon Men and the webmaster for our site!  We think you'll like Joseph as much as we do.  And remember, every time you give me a suggestion for improving the site, you give me a reason to meet with Joseph.... So please keep those suggestions and feedback coming!

Cool regards,

Dimi Dimitriades


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