Letter from the Editor
Letter from the Editor
November 2010
Dear Readers,

When Paragon Men launched in August 2009, more than a few models were hesitant to shoot with us. First of all, we were on a tight budget. Second, and more importantly, some of the world's top male models, athletes, dancers and all-purpose hotties were uncomfortable getting naked for an erotic photo and video shoot for a site they had never heard of. In fact, if it weren't for our co-Founder Greg Weiner's unmatched resume as a top-tier photographer, we might never have gotten off the ground. Well, we are now fifteen months old and getting better every month, and how the times have changed. Our credibility gap is long gone, and the long list of A-list men we've featured naked and aroused for our readers grows longer every month.

Case in point: The November 2010 issue. Consider the men:

  • Julian made quite a media splash a few years ago when his first nudes, also shot by Greg Weiner, were published. His employer was up in arms, and Julian's plight made the national news. In an effort to avoid another scandal, we've left off Julian's memorable last name, but we think you'll know him when you see him. Julian is the stuff EVERYONE dreams of. His classically handsome, Roman face combined with the sensual, magnificently muscled body of a love god. Indeed, Julian's heavenly cock seems almost too beautiful for this world.
  • Massive bodybuilder Dorian Shore knows a thing or two about two-fisted masturbation. This muscle worshipper's dreamboat leaves the audience soaking wet at his nightly performances as a male stripper in NYC. Indeed, that's exactly where I met him. I reached in to his bulging G-string, took on look at the his rock-hard cock, and asked, "Have you heard of Paragon Men?" He said "Sure I have! I would LOVE to shoot for them some day!" And shoot he did, as I suspect will you!Rusty Stevens Naked with Erection
  • Zeb Atlas, a good friend of Greg Weiner's, was one of the first naked bodybuilders we featured in the Paragon Men Penthouse. If you haven't heard of Zeb, you need to get Googling. The always hard, always ripped, supersexual giant is the greatest male sexual performer of our day, and Zeb managed to keep the audience begging to see more with mere solo masturbation shows. That is, until Zeb met our Paragon Man for November, Rusty Stevens. While you're Googling, Google "Zeb Atlas Rusty Stevens video" and after watching those two sex gods go at it, you'll come running back to ParagonMen.com to see our own take on Rusty. Enjoy the ride!
  • At the end of the day, a foot-long thick-as-a-french-bread (thank you Woody Allen) penis will always be in demand. I am proud to say that we have actually found one of those urban legend-sized cocks on the person of JR. JR dances alongside Dorian at Club Adonis, which could just as easily be called Club Size Queen. Witness JR manhandling his mind-boggling, jaw-breaking cock in the Paragon Penthouse!  Seriously folks, I am not exaggerating!
  • In the Paragon Spotlight this month, we feature Joel Evan Tye a/k/a Sir JET (p/k/a Jet Kanashi). I was lucky enough to interview Joel Evan, and if it isn't obvious enough, let me make it clear: I am in LOVE! He is, of course, stunningly beautiful. The drop-dead body, the wonderfully sexy, kind face. But it's more than that; Sir JET has a wonderful vulnerability, a tenderness, that makes him and his fantastic music even more irresistible. He sees himself (as did former Menudo Angelo Garcia in his Paragon Men nude tell-all a few months ago) as the Gay Lady Gaga. I, on the other hand, am simply gaga for Sir JET.

That's it for now. They tell me we are having technical difficulties with the relaunch of ParagonMenLive.com. I apologize to all the wonderful friends I enjoyed chatting with online, and I promise we will Paragon Men Live relaunched soon. We are also working on a freshening of ParagonMen.com - so if there's anything you'd like to see, please let me know. We will be launching a Paragon Store, so if there are any products you'd like to have: t-shirts, coffee table books, Julian's used underwear, etc. please let me know!

I hope you have a wonderful November, and rest assured we are already working on a stunning, oversized December issue as our holiday gift to our subscribers!

Warm wishes,



October 2010

Dear Readers,

October is upon us and Halloween is fast approaching.  When I was a kid, Halloween was a holiday for kids.  How times have changed!  Halloween has now become the most adult of all holidays - where woman try to out-slut each other’s costumes while men dress as near-naked satyrs, Tarzans, and, throwing subtlety to the wind, gigantic erect penises.

Which brings us to the gigantic erections in the lineup this month:

  • Film star Joe Zaso is the perfect Paragon Man for October: He has been featured as the huge, muscular scary villain in scores of horror movies AND he has a stunningly hot body that he loves showing off!  Joe may have made you scream in terror in Guilty Pleasures, Rage of the Werewolf, Addicted to Murder 3: Blood Lust, Date with a Vampire, Demonium, Nikos the Impaler, The Adventures of Young Van Helsing: The Quest for the Lost Scepter, Demon Resurrection, Angel's Blade, Barricade and more, but Joe’s intensely erotic no-holes-barred (yes, I meant to write "hole") cinematic performance here in Paragon Men will have you joining him in a screaming orgasm.
  • Speaking of orgasms, we proudly present jumbo-dicked, sweet-assed New Jersey construction worker Flex Lukas.  Flex is a simple guy.  He likes working with his hands, whether it’s on the job, in the bedroom, or during a photo shoot.  Watch his video and see a little self-fluffing of his thick hose turn into an out-of-control display of male sexuality.  I call it Welders Gone Wild.
  • And speaking of wild, gymnast Marco Ferrara loves to be naked, and he loves to do splits.  Need I say more?  Throw in a drop-dead gorgeous physique and the face of an angel, and you have the explanation for why it took me two extra weeks to write this letter from the editor - I simply can’t type with one hand!Marco Ferrara aka Angelo spreading his hole open
  • For those who like the word “strapping” in their hunk descriptors, I give you young muscle man from Jersey Joey Morelli.  Joey reminds us where the term “Italian Stallion” came from.  He has a huge, beautiful cock, and he can’t resist showing it off.  And playing with it.  A lot.  Watch his video and remember he really did go on-and-on, this was not a replay reel.  I’ve been gaining weight trying to find the Dunkin Donuts with Joey behind the counter.  I keep thinking he could hand out the goods using his built-in donut holder.....
  • Our Spotlight this month features one of my favorite photographers of the male physique.  Every time I look at one of Simon Barnes’ Hotsnapz I am reminded why I adore men’s bodies.  Nobody makes men look more tantalizing than UK phenomenon Hotsnapz.  From his groundbreaking compositions to his brilliant use of lighting, Simon’s  work is always original and always breathtaking.

I promise to get myself under control and get the November letter from the editor up promptly.  I’ve asked Greg to let me see the images before they go up so I can work through my two-week reverie of lust before I need to get my work done.  As soon as he gives me a peek, I’ll make sure and fill you in on Twitter!

Have a wonderful rest of October,



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