Letter from the Editor
Letter from the Editor
January 2011

Dear Readers,

New York has been buried by two blizzards in the three weeks since Christmas, but right now it is just cold.  Like me, most of our readers, excluding those in the tropics and Southern Hemisphere, are also freezing their horny tails off.  With that in mind, we have cranked up the heat for the January 2011 issue of Paragon Men:

  • Since we first uncovered the hard cock and sweet butt of male model Ian Turner over a year ago (remember the "endless mirrors" series with infinite cocks and asses?), he's been getting a lot of attention under his real name, including Calvin Klein underwear campaigns and several fitness magazine covers.  Nonetheless, when we told Ian our subscribers wanted to see more of his naked, sexed-up body in Paragon Men, he flew from his home in the Tampa Bay area to our NYC studios ready for another steamy shoot.  Enjoy Ian's fresh set of erotic pics and video in the Paragon Penthouse.
  • If you watch television, you've heard actor Ben Patrick Johnson's voice.  His extraordinary talent has allowed him to live the good life in his lavish home in the Hollywood Hills and become a leading advocate for human rights campaigns.  But there is more to this Hollywood hotshot than just a booming baritone.  It turns out that handsome Ben has the mind of a scholar and a body built for porn, and we are fortunate to give you the chance to learn more about him and to enjoy every throbbing inch of this delectable stud in Paragon Men.
  • We discovered uber-masculine male model Darren Goldberg on Model Mayhem.  Wanting to build his portfolio with some images by Greg Weiner, he was just going to do a physique shoot, with no frontal nudity.  But we got lucky: Darren got so hot and bothered as he caressed his package during the shoot that before we knew it his clothes were thrown aside and he had unveiled his glistening meat for our cameras.  We are thrilled to unveil Darren's golden rod and glorious nakedness exclusively in Paragon Men!
  • NYC firefighter Tyrese Henderson seems to me more likely to start fires with his massive muscles and super-thick hose. Indeed, at his fire house a lot false alarms are just horny housewives burning with lust for Tyrese.  Fortunately for them, Tyrese lives to please and can get hard in an instant.  When we got him naked, we discovered that he also can't stop stroking his cock, which is perfectly understandable when you see how intensely he cums, and cums, and cums.  If you like high-volume money shots, don't miss Tyrese's XXX video in the Penthouse.
  • Veteran male stripper John Galt, also known by his erotic-work handle "Tim Adonis", has seen it all in his years performing as an exotic dancer for women and men.  From the routine rip-the-thong-offs, to unabashedly masturbating matrons, to bachelorette gang-bangs and the occassional show-turned-orgy, John knows what can happen when an audience is presented with both cocktails and a naked male visual feast.  And John's become an expert at making money off all that sexual energy.  He owns Club Adonis (our Spotlight feature last month) and lives in the sumptuous New York apartment where we shot him.  We hope enjoy seeing John take the G-string off and bring himself to a mind-boggling orgasm.
  • For a big hard-on combined with a fine ass, it's hard to top our Anonymous Paragon Man for January, but I would love to try!  Thanks for all your messages asking for more Anonymi - we will keep them (and you) cumming!

Don't miss our Model Search party at Splash in NYC on Friday, January 21, 2011!  We'll be bring along a bevy of Paragon Men for your viewing (and touching, perhaps) pleasure, so it's bound to be an extravaganza of hot male flesh!  There will also be ParagonMen.com t-shirts, gift subscriptions and more. I look forward to seeing you there!

Warm wishes,


December 2010

Dear Readers,

It's a cold December in New York City, Christmas is just two weeks away, and instead of venturing out into the cold to buy presents, I am holed up in my apartment horny as hell. You see I am tasked with writing something interesting and sexy about each our holiday studs, but it's very slow work when I keep getting, shall we say, "distracted" by the men I am supposed to discuss. This is becoming a recurring theme in my Letters from the Editor, a sort of beginning-of-the-month priapism and insatiability combo. And it's getting worse every month, a reflection I suppose of the fact that we are recruiting hotter and hotter men to get naked and nasty for our still and video cameras.

Take a gander at the international delights we have under the tree for you this holiday season:IMG_3665s-PM

  • The Anonymous Paragon Men. This is a new feature we're experimenting with. Generally, men with outrageously hot bodies want to show them off. If you're a ripped bodybuilder with a kielbasa-sized cock and a mouth-watering ass, you want more people to see you naked than just the lucky folks you have time to fuck. So why not pose for Paragon Men? You'll earn a nice chunk of change, all your friends and coworkers will have a newfound respect for you, you'll get the pics to show the grandkids, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you have given orgasms to thousands of strangers! If you're in most service industries: bartender, waiter, personal trainer, massage therapist, landscape guy, lawyer, window cleaner, stripper, doctor, pool man or escort, exposure in Paragon Men could be the best marketing you've ever gotten. However, let's say you're an athlete with lucrative endorsement contracts, or a fashion model with Wilhemina, or the star of a family-oriented television series, or a young politician. In that case, having graphic nude pictures and video of yourself published on the Internet would not as attractive. Unless, that is, Paragon Men found a way to conceal your identity..... And that is just what we've done. Rest assured, you would recognize the Anonymous Paragon Men if you saw their faces. So do the men a favor: Don't try to guess who they are, just enjoy what they're sharing.
  • Hungarian gay porn icon and escort extraordinaire Antton Harri is one guy who certainly doesn't need to cover his face. His cinema idol looks, along with his reliably rock-hard cock and his bountiful ass, have made him a superstar in the world of gay sex. Watch him get naked for the first time for our own Greg Weiner, then let him show you what it looks like when a master of the art of love makes love to himself.


  • Russian Candyman Jasper Van Dean exploded onto the gay porn scene shortly after he arrived in the USA with his acclaimed Moscow male exotic dance troupe a few years ago. Jasper has the face and body of a young Jean Claude Van Damme, except Jasper is better looking, has a better physique, is hung like a horse, can suck his own cock and swallow his entire load, has the world's most inviting love hole, and can fuck while doing a split. We like him best as a power bottom (or is it powerbottom, or power-bottom?), but he's also a monster top. In fact, it's hard to believe there exists a gorgeous Russian bodybuilder who (a) has a huge dick, (b) is so flexible that he can suck his own dick and swallow all his own cum that he shoots directly into his mouth, (c) has a perfect, tight anus that is so insatiable it can accomodate a fist if the occassion arises, (d) is totally versatile and open to any kind of sex, and (e) is available for hire as an escort by the hour or by the day in Las Vegas. There is nothing that Jasper won't do to push the limits of sexual pleasure, as you'll see in his Penthouse video.
  • Sometimes nothing satisfies like a massive bodybuilder in competition-ready condition, stripped naked, with an cum-dripping erection and a striated ass spread open for your tongue and other appendages. For just such an occasion, we offer you American muscle god extraordinaire Johnny Cruise. I have a favorite fantasy that involves stripping a comic book superhero naked and ravishing his hypermasculine, testosterone-drenched body in every way imaginable. Well, Johnny is precisely what my fantasy Superman looks like without the spandex. Join me and explore every inch of the stunning musclehunk in the Penthouse.
  • Scottish supermodel Nick W. usually does erotica under his real name, but after publication this month made us conceal it. Apparently, this frequent fitness magazine cover model has been getting more attention for his nude work than for less intimate "mainstream" modeling. Hardly a surprise, considering the tall, handsome Scotsman's huge hard-on and intensely sexual solo erotic performance in the Penthouse. Under any name, we think you'll enjoy the show as Nick gets freaky for our subscribers only.
  • In the Paragon Spotlight this week we present Adonis Lounge, a once-a-week delight in New York CIty. Every Thursday, the hottest lineup of men you've ever seen strips at this delightful Brooklyn club. After preforming on stage, the dancers circulate in their thongs, giving lap dances in the main room and more intimate shows in the private rooms. Adonis has been a regular recruitment spot for us; several Paragon Men were discovered in those very private rooms, where we handle ample opportunity to audition them for the Penthouse.  Stop by and visit Adonis Lounge and you may well find me or Greg sampling the newest talent. It's hard work indeed.

I hope we've delivered enough to keep you very warm this chilly holiday season. Next month, our subscribers will have an opportunity to vote for the 2011 Paragon Man of the Year from all the cover models of 2010. So start exploring the site and pondering which men you'd most want to see in an encore performance.

Wishing you Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Joyous New Year!



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