Letter from the Editor
Letter from the Editor
March 2011

Dear Readers,

Well, we are a little behind schedule this month.  I've been waiting to post my Letter from the Editor until Joseph completes the voting page for 2011 Paragon Man of the Year, but that excuse has been wearing thin with my bosses.

Can you blame me for wanting that vote to start?  Seriously, I can't wait to see who our subscribers will pick as 2011 Man of the Year!  Who is the Phil Fusco or the Alejandro Delaguardia (aka Macho Nacho) of this year's crop of monster studs?

Speaking of studs, let's talk March:

  • As you may know from my Tweets, Joao is pronounced WOW, and really it couldn't be a more appropriate name for this month's Paragon Man Joao Caneco.  Joao is an acclaimed international male model, an amazing bodybuilder, and a total dreamboat in every way.  Regrettably, we weren't able to convince him to display his awesome manhood in his first shoot with us, but we are working on it.  Please note that Greg Weiner's shoot with Joao in Miami Beach was an all-day affair.  This month we feature Joao au naturel, but stay tuned for the video of Joao shaving himself down and then displaying the mouth-watering results of depilation.
  • We had no problem getting muscular Mario Capelli to display his hard cock.  Within minutes of his arrival at Greg's NYC studio, Mario's meat started to strain the seams of his shorts.  Not being the sort of folks who deny pleasure to anyone, especially not a sexy naked bodybuilder with a hard-on, we had him lose the shorts, get comfortable, explore every inch of himself, and show you how he likes his cock worked to orgasm.
  • Tucker Smith is an all-American jock.  You remember the guy.  You'd see him walking around campus in his shorts and a t-shirt, and then you would have to rush home to masturbate.  He's that guy, and he's naked, and he's hard, and he has a beautiful dick, sweet ass and tight winking hole, and likes to play with himself in nice hotel rooms while being videotaped.  I love when he splooges all over myself then laughs sheepishly as he asks Greg "You said I could cum right?  'Cause I came good."  Which is exactly how one of my top jock masturbation fantasies went.  I do love my job.
  • When you're talking about naked men, bigger is generally better.  As an illustration of that fact, we present strapping John Taylor.  We found towering aspiring bodybuilder John walking along the beach, approached him and told him we wanted to shoot him naked for Paragon Men.  He said "sure thing" and came right back to our Florida studio with us, showered and stripped, posed, stroked and came.  I think you'll enjoy the results of John's spontaneous shoot.
  • We haven't been getting  many Real Paragon Man submissions lately, and we've even had a couple of our Real Paragon Men asking that their naked pictures be taken down due to changes in their personal situations.  Just when we were ready to give up, along comes donkey-dicked Marco Rodriguez.  This genetically gifted stud not only has the equipment, but he knows how to use it, as you can plainly see in his intense JO video.
  • Finally, the Paragon Spotlight this month shines on the sexy images of Culver Photographer.  Culver's work focuses on one of my favorite subjects: gorgeous young Latin men.  The subtle eroticism and evocative composition of these beautiful images are the perfect complement to our March issue.

If you want to stay up to date on the happenings at Paragon Men, follow me on Twitter!  I'd love to hear from you and will keep you informed on what's happening, whom we're shooting, and my various, frequently horny thoughts.

Warm regards,


February 2011

Dear Readers,

Many of you have commented on my apparent obsession with the weather.  Indeed, I have always been very much affected by climate and the seasons.  But this year, as a New Yorker who has been freezing, snowed-in, and under grey skies since Christmas, I feel my obsession is finally justified.  Apparently, the Arctic is melting while the mid-Atlantic freezes.  At this rate I expect to see polar bears seeking refuge from global warming in Central Park.

In light of the horrendous weather, my thanks to the big crowd that turned out for our first-ever Paragon Men Party at Splash!  The party was a blast, and I'd like to thank the studs who stripped for a chance to appear in ParagonMen.com.  I've been tweeting preview pics of the manhunt winner, Brandon, who has already put on an explosive performance for Greg's cameras and will be coming on these pages soon!

Speaking of explosive men, let's talk about the lineup this month:

  • For the size queens among you, we proudly unveil NYC's favorite donkey-dicked male stripper, Dirty Jersey!  Yes folks, this is the same sexy Dirty Jersey who you fondled while he threw Paragon Men t-shirts to the crowd at Splash.  Recognize the bedroom eyes and pile-driver cock?  With an erection like his, Dirty Jersey should have hung the Paragon Men t-shirts on his own rod!
Dirty Jersey
  • Greg and I discovered dreamy-eyed young actor David Deluca when he waited on us in Toronto, where we were at the MuscleMania Pro show shooting a series of bodybuilders whom we stripped naked and got to jerk off for us virtually right off the stage.  After eight hours of watching naked musclemen soak our hotel room with semen, steroids and ProTan, we were both craving a natural beauty! As soon as gorgeous, athletic David approached our table with his charming smile, we were instantly drawn to him.  I have a feeling you'll be too.
  • God Bless The Jersey Shore!  That show has seemingly spawned an endless supply of buff, shaved guidos who are contacting us asking to show off their big  cocks in Paragon Men.  Case in point: Mark DeSanto, who wrote to me demanding to have Greg Weiner shoot his stunning physique and fat meat for Paragon Men.  Mark looks like he walked directly from the Jersey Shore set to our studios.  Enjoy his erotic show - his first ever on camera!
  • German-born Adonis Ivan Lamal, with his blonde hair, blue eyes and golden tan, is a vision in muscle.  When Ivan submitted his pics, my mind instantly went to Rocky Horror Picture Show - sing it, Dr. Frank-N-Furter!

I've been making a man
With blonde hair and a tan
And he's good for relieving my tension
I'm just a sweet transvestite
From Transexual, Transylvania

But I digress.  Like Dr. Frank deflowering his gorgeous Rocky, I would love to take our Ivan to the "bridal suite" in my laboratory.   Wouldn't you?

  • Have you noticed we're a little Greek-heavy here at Paragon Men?  I mean there's me of course, but we also don't go more than a month or two without unveiling another Hellenic loukoumaki for your drooling pleasure.  This month, we're proud to present Spiros Pappas, a self-proclaimed Greek-American momma's boy who is working his way through medical school.  We were certainly happy to help with those tuition bills once we got a look at Spiros' oversized souvlaki, which he manipulates like a pro in his volcanic JO scene.  Spiros has the hands of surgeon!
  • Last but not certainly not least, take a wide-eyed gander at our Anonymous Paragon Man for February.  This ex-military MMA fighter makes his living as a stunt man and therefore had to keep his face off camera.  He also brought his ravishing wife along to the shoot, where she happily performed fluffing duties to her husband's gargantuan endowment, to the limited  extent they were needed.  That lucky woman knows how to use both fists and her mouth to accommodate her man!  If you'd like to see pics of them both in action, please drop me a line and we may shoot them again.
Anonymous Paragon Man for February 2011

Keep visiting folks!  We have a lineup of gorgeous, naked, well-endowed male models, athletes and bodybuilderst that will knock your socks off in the coming months.  And we haven't forgotten: It's just about time for our Man of the Year contest, and we are counting the days until the subscribers' voting begins.....

Warm wishes,



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