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Tommy Reynolds

Tommy Reynolds

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Hey handsome! 26 year old Tommy plays football, lacrosse, and hits the gym to work on his spectacular abdominals. We’d like to pull up a chair and eat off them! He especially likes working out in gyms when he travels to different cities. You know, to check out the “scenery”.

Tommy works in finance when he’s not taking his clothes off, so start your fantasy of him in the office wearing a suit and tie. Fixated on a spreadsheet. Now picture him when the sun goes down, where he works his nighttime magic. Tommy goes to bed in just his boxer briefs…and yet always wakes up naked. How about that trick? Such a deep sleeper makes a roommate happy!

He loves to kiss, and hates boring people! Glorious Tommy was in a rush for a trip, so we didn’t have much time with him. We’d like more time. Lots more naked time. Next time!


Ian Turner

Ian Turner

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We only shot Ian a week ago in California, but couldn’t want to wait to show him off on this site! He’s got tons of attitude----in all the right ways. He is very (cock) sure of himself, which is exactly what a photographer needs. If you like what you see here, just wait til you see the erotic nude images of Ian that grace our Penthouse!

Ian usually trims his body hair, but we asked him he grow it out. This is the one thing he wasn’t sure about---body hair---but we beg to differ. Thanks for sharing your fuzz, man!

For all his attitude, Ian does have pensive moments. Such as when he remarks, “There is good in everybody, and unlimited potential that goes unused every day.” Ian is definitely showing us his potential, and we especially love it when he gets reflective. Why do you think we shot him in front of a mirror?

Ray Silvera

Ray Silvera

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Rising Floridian superstar Ray was in town to visit his girlfriend. Lucky for us, he wanted to work (it) a little too! We love shooting models who really like to pose, and try new stuff. Just look at this ruggedly youthful exuberance. It really shines through. From the rug, to the floor, to the… damn, from inside that tiny little swimsuit!

If Ray could live anywhere, it would be Australia…and can’t you just picture him in those Speedos saving lives and strutting the sands of Bondi beach? That, or maybe Manley…

Ray works out nearly every day. He also shaves his body hair, loves Chinese food (chicken/broccoli is his favorite) and fondling breasts. In his spare time, he’s a footballer who wrestles, and surfs. He also really gets turned on by challenges.

We at Paragon Men can't get enough of sexy Ray, and would like to lure him back for a trip to our Penthouse. We’re thinking if you encourage him enough with your comments… he’ll be turned on enough to accept that challenge!

Chris Carpenter

Chris Carpenter may have a baby face, but he’s all man! We shot him up in his native Montreal, and Chris confirmed what we love about Canadian model men: They’re always prompt, professional, and have zero problem taking their clothes off.

Chris says he loves to shock. He enjoys giving pleasure and he particularly likes going down on women. Besides that, his favorite meal is a big steak with blue cheese sauce. He works off all those calories by climbing, doing Kung-Fu, and playing on a paintball team! Splat!

Chris’s passion is in Marketing, which he currently studies. Naturally, we’re happy to market Chris right here. Did we mention the other great thing about Canadian boys? They have no problem getting rock hard. Check out all of Chris in our Penthouse. Uncut!



Spotlight: Michael Alago - Roughgods

Paragon Men Spotlight: Michael Alago - Roughgods

Photographer Michael Alago, Roughgods (website)


Michael Alago has worked in the music industry for nearly two decades as
producer and talent scout. Known and respected by most of the major labels
for his expertise in a variety of musical genres, Alago discovered Metallica
and worked with a diverse group of artists that includes Michael Feinstein,
Johnny Rotten, White Zombie and Nina Simone. "Working with the incomparable
Nina was my finest hour," says Michael, speaking of their work together on
the critically acclaimed album "A Single Woman," the singer's last

Alago left the music business in the summer of 2003 to concentrate on
another life-long passion-photography. Working initially with a Polaroid
camera, Michael began a series of stark male portraits that is still
ongoing. Many of the images on this site are reproduced from the Polaroid's
from this early period of work. This collection of friends, models and
bodybuilders indeed boast the muscularity, tattoos, and attitude that define
this particular male subset, but the images also bear Alago's distinctive
stamp of irreverent heat. A collection of his work, titled Rough Gods has
been released, and you can look for a new coffee table book in 2010.

Michael has exhibited in New York, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, San
Diego, Montreal and Toronto and continues to photograph rough gods wherever he may find them.

A Message from Michael:
If you fit the bill as a rough god please get in touch with me through my
site and lets make some killer photographs ! thanks. :-)

website: www.roughgods.com

Spotlight: Stock Bar

Spotlight: Stock Bar, Montreal

Spotlight: Stock Bar, Montreal


Montreal’s world class Stock!  With over 70 of the hottest male dancers on any continent, Stock Bar reigns as the place to ogle the best of the best in male nudity.  Each night their stable of hot hunks strip it off for men and women (Ladies’ night on Wednesday) on the stage, in 2 VIP rooms, and 16 cabins for private dances.

Several of Stock's hottest, most well-endowed dancers will soon perform unforgettable features in the Paragon Penthouse.  If you can’t make it to Montreal, get a sneak peek on their website NudeMaleDancers.com which is popular with members from all around the world, broadcasting all the gorgeous action live from the Stock Bar stage from from 9pm to 2am daily.  For a free visit, get to the site through Stockbar.com.

Stock Bar is located at 1171 Ste. Catherine Est, in Montreal, Quebec.
Stock Bar is open daily from 8pm - 3am 7 days a week.


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