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Brody George

Brody George

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First off, what are you doing reading this? Head to the Penthouse and check out Brody’s hot rod! Now you’re back and want to know some other stats? Brody is 23, 215 pounds, with a 32 inch waist and a 12 size shoe. He’s also 6’ 1” - impressive for a fitness model. How does one keep all that height so hard?

It could be his 5 times a week at the gym, or maybe his passion for the outdoors. Brody hopes to one day own his own charter fishing company. Wanna hook him? He’s fishing for a big bootied, exotic, and slightly slutty-looking woman!


Big Roger

Wowza Big Roger! Just looking at him you’d think Big Roger’s all gruff but we’ve got to say: He’s one big cuddly sweetheart! Been to the Penthouse? We caught all 230 pounds of Big Roger naked in the shower. That’s what we love about Big Roger. He’s not just big---he’s big on sharing.

And he knows JUST what to do. Well, except that one time he vomited while giving oral sex! Big Roger loves Berlin, pets and housework. He has cyber-sex all the time, but still manages to have time to create his own underwear line and be a fabulous party promoter!  Get this charming gorgeous muscular Adonis to plan your next party:  www.bigrogerevents.com

Spotlight: Empyrean Photography

Empyrean Photography

If you've been mesmerized by a stunning physique image on the cover of a men's fitness magazine lately, chances are the photograph that got your attention was created by Empyrean Photography.  Long Beach, California-based Empyrean Photography has become one of the world's hottest physique image studios.  Empyrean's much sought-after images take the most magnificent male models on earth and, with brilliant composition and through the magic of light and shadow, transform them into breathtaking gods.

We feel privileged to be able to present to you, as this month's Paragon Spotlight, a collection of the work of Empyrean Photography.  We also had the opportunity to sit down at Empyrean Photography's Long Beach, California studio with the the creative genius behind Empyrean, Andre DeLoach.

What does Empyrean mean?  Why did you choose the name for your company?

Empyrean has several definitions.  Literally, “empyrean” denotes the highest
level of Heaven where God and His angels dwell as described in Dante’s Divine Comedy.   Other definitions would be “inspiring awe” or “the best”.  I particularly resonate with the religious connotations because I seem to gravitate towards, not only what I consider to be erotic and desirable about muscular male body, but also to what is sublime or transcendent about it as well.  Sometimes, even I am surprised at how worshipful some of my photographs feel to me.   But I am comfortable with this because the beautifully developed and sculpted male body is both an object of desire and adoration for me.

Real Paragon Man of the Month - Erik Grant

Can Erik’s mega-metabolism be bottled and sold? We’d make a mint! He does 600 crunches a day and lifts weights, but the more he works out, the less he gains. He’s 140 pounds and on a 4000 calorie “diet” with a goal of weighing 165 pounds…but he can’t put on the pounds!

Guess that’s what happens when you carry all your weight in your dick! Sorry, that just slipped out. Er, we wish it would slip out and into various holes! Erik is a huge fan of the Eagles. He’s one of those guys who sit with a cheesesteak (part of the diet?) in hand, screaming at the television. In sexual situations, he role plays the cop. Says Erik, “It’s all about the handcuffs.” Officer, you’re making us blush!

If you'd like to contact Erik and perhaps become friends, visit him at www.myspace.com/erikgrantxxx


Leo Brasil

Horny Brazilian import Leo is a model and massage therapist in NYC and Miami. Leo came to us from a friend of the site, and when he got him up in the Penthouse he came again! Check out his explosive video with loads of cum. Leo's a great guy who loves to make his clients feel better than they've ever felt before. If you want to see Leo up close and personal, give him a ring (646-552-3817) or send him an email.

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Paragon Real Man of the Month Mickey Collins

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