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David Stone

David Stone

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Need a hard cock? Look no further than our Mr. Stone! David is a 32 year old Canadian, from Ontario. This 220 pound stud has something of the superhero about him. It must be the dark hair, and piercing blue eyes…or maybe it’s the whole enchilada?

David’s a former competitive soccer player and NHL hockey fan, and exhibitionism suits him. He has us dreaming about all the hot-bodied Canadians we ogled during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. With his gold medal - winning cock, David looks so sexy and self-satisfied in that bed. We only took a couple shots in the underwear because we couldn’t wait to tear them off!

We’ve shot David before and he’s super nice and easy to speak with. Strange thing to say about a beefcake stud, but it’s the truth---the whole hard naked truth. Can you handle it?

2010 Paragon Penthouse Man of the Year: Alejandro Delaguardia

Bamboo has never looked better---or so aptly suggested hard, thick and sweet! This stunning Uruguayan professional bodybuilder with the movie-star looks is back after being voted by YOU as 2010 Paragon Man of the Year!

Alejandro is 25, with bulk of mammoth proportions. We shot him at The Flamingo Inn clothing-optional resort in Florida, where he relaxed and glistened gorgeously for our lens. Needless to say, the other guests were thrilled to witness the poolside shoot and then pose for pictures with our naked Man of the Year, whose erection never failed to stay rock-hard for his adoring fans!

Insatiably omnisexual Alejandro loves to take his lovers to new levels of pleasure as they relish his physical gifts.  The best pick up line he’s ever heard? “I want you to sit on my face for the rest of my life!” Haul out the oxygen tank!

Of all his many muscles, Alejandro is most proud of his beautiful V-shaped back---and we love to see him on it! Watch him work his upward curving cock (sure to hit the spot in any orifice!) in the ultra hot XXX video in our Penthouse.

Spotlight: Bannon Men, The Photography of Ace Bannon

Austin, Texas - based Ace Bannon has become a legendary figure among muscle worshippers, physique enthusiasts, and everyone with erotic interest in male bodybuilders.  His original site, MuscleService.com, and the many other sites it has generated, provide a one-stop shop for anyone looking to meet, sponsor, service, discuss, or simply admire the world's most gorgeous musclemen and competitive bodybuilders.  Through Ace's efforts, bodybuilders have found an outlet for connecting with their fans and with potential sponsors, muscle servicers, and photographers.  The rest of us have found the ultimate destination to admire the world's greatest male physiques at the highest level of muscular development.  Ace kindly took the time to explore his success with us.

Where do you shoot?

I travel all over for work; I've always done my best work in hotel rooms and prefer to use them for shoots over any studio location. Using available natural and artificial light sources can make for surprising and pleasing results.

How long have you been a photographer?

Since the late ‘90s; after I launched MuscleService.com I was approached to do photos backstage at a bodybuilding competition and that's how I got started doing physique photography.

Where can our readers find more of your work?

On my sites and now in my just-published first book. Find out more about the book and the sites at BannonMen.com

Real Paragon Man of the Month - Kyle Pratt

Real Paragon Man of the Month Kyle Pratt may look familiar to those of you who admire naked male musclemen.  Kyle is actually a competitive bodybuilder who has been shot by Greg naked and hard before, when he was in actively competing and working as a professional fitness model. Kyle subsequently suffered an injury that put him out of commission and prevented him from training until very recently. He's now back in the gym, and we're happy to show you that Kyle's still got it! Training or not, there's one muscle on Kyle that ALWAYS stays huge! And, in his solo erotic performance, you'll find that Kyle really knows how to work his big erection and lose himself in ecstacy for your viewing pleasure.

A Very Sexy February!
Wishing You a Happy Valentines Day!

Dimi, Greg, Joseph and Jesse


Danny Sans

Hello sunshine! Danny is 215 pounds with a 14 shoe! You know what they say about a big shoe? This stunner makes stereotypes so comfortingly reliable.

Danny listens to House Music, loves to dance and snobs: Steer clear. He prefers grounded, down to earth real people. Grrr. If only real people looked like this!

It was a super smooth photo shoot with Danny at the back garden of the Flamingo Inn and eventually…into the (ultra-hot) water! The tropical flora is nearly as lush as Danny's nude perfection. This exotic scene almost makes us want to take on the jungle, simply to eat him alive!

We are smitten.



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