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Real Paragon Man of the Month - Erik Grant

Can Erik’s mega-metabolism be bottled and sold? We’d make a mint! He does 600 crunches a day and lifts weights, but the more he works out, the less he gains. He’s 140 pounds and on a 4000 calorie “diet” with a goal of weighing 165 pounds…but he can’t put on the pounds!

Guess that’s what happens when you carry all your weight in your dick! Sorry, that just slipped out. Er, we wish it would slip out and into various holes! Erik is a huge fan of the Eagles. He’s one of those guys who sit with a cheesesteak (part of the diet?) in hand, screaming at the television. In sexual situations, he role plays the cop. Says Erik, “It’s all about the handcuffs.” Officer, you’re making us blush!

If you'd like to contact Erik and perhaps become friends, visit him at www.myspace.com/erikgrantxxx


Leo Brasil

Horny Brazilian import Leo is a model and massage therapist in NYC and Miami. Leo came to us from a friend of the site, and when he got him up in the Penthouse he came again! Check out his explosive video with loads of cum. Leo's a great guy who loves to make his clients feel better than they've ever felt before. If you want to see Leo up close and personal, give him a ring (646-552-3817) or send him an email.

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Paragon Real Man of the Month Mickey Collins

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Happy Holidays
Wishing You a Joyous Holiday Season and a Fantastic New Year!

Dimi, Greg, Joseph and Jesse


Peter Latz

Imagine Peter Latz flexing above you on the ropes just before –wham—the bodyslam! Of course all fantasies with Paragon Men come from a very real place. Peter did play UFC wrestling, and obviously he’s kept in prime shape ever since.

Muscle up to that Wrestlemania fantasy!

Peter brought body makeup with him, and lucky for us—we got to apply all over that hulking hard torso and bulging 19 inch biceps. Bonus round!

He loves girls, house music, and Las Vegas, and Peter’s is favorite body part (call us Sherlock, but this may have influenced his name) are his lats. Baby, you could swing from those wings!


Mike Justice

Mike Justice

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Can you handle this? It’s 200 pounds of pure Paragon Man!

His motto is: “If you got it, flaunt it!” and who’s gonna disagree? This hunk’s got it all: the chiseled good looks, the packin’ physique, the professional need to be watched by millions. If you want to take this man to bed (he sleeps naked---with socks, if it’s cold) you’ve got to a) have a nice ass, b) be very easy going and c) try not to be an airhead!

Mike is a star in the sports world—he was an All-American sprinter! But can he outrun the pace of his career? We leaked some shots of Mike Justice, and let’s just say the world is lining up to work with this one! In early 2010, he’s moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Best of luck, Mike, and never forget----we loved you here first!



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