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Danny Sans

Hello sunshine! Danny is 215 pounds with a 14 shoe! You know what they say about a big shoe? This stunner makes stereotypes so comfortingly reliable.

Danny listens to House Music, loves to dance and snobs: Steer clear. He prefers grounded, down to earth real people. Grrr. If only real people looked like this!

It was a super smooth photo shoot with Danny at the back garden of the Flamingo Inn and eventually…into the (ultra-hot) water! The tropical flora is nearly as lush as Danny's nude perfection. This exotic scene almost makes us want to take on the jungle, simply to eat him alive!

We are smitten.


Brock Houston

Suit freaks, here’s your fix! We also did not forget jock aficionados, and those who just love to ogle hot and hung nude body builders!  Brock works out to heavy metal, plays football, and strokes his 9 inch cock twice a day. If you aren’t hot and bothered by this man’s man by now, pleas check your pulse!

He’s a sworn "tits and ass" man. Got em? Apply here!

For a living, Brock installs carpets. How about that shag? At the Paragon shoot, Brock arrived early and watched us shoot a couple other guys. This really brought out his competitive streak because Brock gave our cameras a primo side of his USDA-approved man meat!


Hadyn Taggert

Hadyn hails from San Jose and uses his own spit to stroke his impressive “flashlight”. It’s 6 inches around at the uncut head! Yes, he pumps iron AND gives us fierce wood. Now that's a spectator sport! Need more stats? 30” legs! 20” arms! Who wants to hold the tape measure?

We shot Hadyn’s sculpted physique in color and black and white. Who could limit this man to one format?  Very secure in himself,our own  Hayden Taggert once got caught having sex at a pool party in Las Vegas and…. he finished the job anyway!

What happens in Vegas will appear on Paragon Men!




Luke Gardner

Ken Gardner

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Atlas, eat your heart out!  Luke Gardner is 32, and 205 pounds. He’s got amazing biceps, and a weakness for peanut butter. Back in college, Luke was a line-backer but today it’s all about his tight end. Sorry, that was too easy.

Asked if he wants to be a big star, this fame monster says, “I want everyone to scream my name!” LUKE! Can you hear me? He’s straight but experimental and loves to perform oral sex. One girl told him he had more of her pussy than she did! We’re still trying to figure that one out.

Luke is a fitness teacher and performs in a male exotic dance troupe. He also excels at teasing us with that lightning bolt tattoo. Shocking, in a high voltage kind of way!


Pierre St. Claire

Pierre St Claire

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Muscular Houston exotic dancer Pierre St. Claire is 26 and from New Orleans, with French roots. We got him just in time for Mardi Gras! Thankfully we’ve stocked up on beads!!!

Pierre’s favorite body part on women is: the mouth. Show him your teeth, ladies! This 220 pound beauty won defensive football player of the year in college. He’s also pretty good on the offense. What was that about a six person orgy on a cruise to the Bahamas? Boat rocker!

Pierre promises to put his hand to work when we bring him back for a raunchily (s)inspired XXX shoot in our Penthouse!


Jackson Scott

We put (sexy) baby in the corner!  How about this sleek, slender piece of golden boy! 20 year old Jackson loves “anything meat”, techno music and laughter. But there's no funny business when slips off those Speedos and gets his 7.5 inch cock well taken care of! Happy Endings always required!

Normally, Jackson requires kissing to get him going, but we went oh so much further. When we shot him at 6 am in a hotel room, it turns out he wasn’t the only one up and at it! A horny couple next door were having noisy sex, giving him perfect motivation to shoot a big load for our XXX Penthouse video.

Mr. Jackson, if you’re nasty!



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