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Donnie Dreamer

This glistening beefcake once played college football, but who needs the uniform? His muscles make him an excellent choice to star as a gladiator in a sword and sandals epic. Or a bounty hunter charging through the Panamanian jungle. See, that’s the thing about Donnie: He gets the imagination going!

Alternatively, Donnie could be a cast member on the Jersey Shore. The only difference is that this stud has a great personality! Donnie’s 23, and hates ugly feet. He does love a nice ass though. That would explain why he so adores exposing, exploring and caressing his own amazing rear entry! And the tribal tattoos? Surely they translate to WORSHIP ME in English!

Halfway through our photo session, we asked Donnie if he'd do a jerk off scene and to our surprise, he did! Mr. Dreamer making dreams come true. Enjoy!


Berke Banks

What do you call a muscular bear? Berke Banks! This grizzly will make you growl! Body hair is back in a big way and here’s why! Berke is one man (and we do mean MAN) who knows his business. He lives in Florida and works as adult film star. In private, he has his own “group fun”.

You may notice there aren’t many photos of this 6’2” dark haired, blue eyed hunk in our general gallery, and that’s because he felt very uncomfortable. “I’m always naked!” he said. We got him out of his underwear ASAP!

In the Penthouse Berke will show the tree he’s packing in his forest! He can practically stretch it all the way around his thigh. He also jerks it off. Cum junkies, score a fix!


Phil Fusco

He’s baaaaack. By popular demand! The boy with the beautiful everything is back as our Paragon Gallery Man of the Year. Everyone wants a taste of mouth-watering Philip Fusco, he’s the sexiest thing this side of Montauk! Phil’s got the most adorable Long Island accent ever and when he’s not modeling, he follows the stock market. When it comes trading, we’re keeping Phil!

Last time we featured him, comments called for cock and Phil’s steadfast fans wrote to say that Phil was not a piece of meat. Fine! He’s so much more than just the meat. He’s the whole banquet!

For this shoot, we kept it artsy with a (hot) pink background and just the faintest shred of fabric. That’ll keep y’all drooling back for more!


Spotlight: TheMaleNude.com

Spotlight: TheMaleNude.com

This month, we shine the Paragon Spotlight on TheMaleNude.com, the hottest website for finding male escorts to suit every taste or fantasy. TheMaleNude.com provides a groundbreaking forum for escorts and clients to connect. We asked the site's founder to share the its genesis and mission statement with us.

TheMaleNude.com came into existence back in early 2001. What I saw as far as escort listing sites was actually very disappointing. It seemed the concern for client-escort interactions, and features of the sites that I encountered, were not as rich as they could be. Customer service didn't seem to have the service part down very well either, neither on free nor pay listing sites. So I decided to create TheMaleNude.com, where both escorts and clients would be treated well and listened to and be empowered with features that would be extremely useful, all with honesty and integrity.

Nelson Troy

Who’s most likely to star in the XXX remake of the remake of Beverly Hills 90210? Nelson Troy! This 6 foot piece of gorgeous loves hiking, dancing, and fucking men. He’ll also take pussy, on the side. Clearly, he signed the anti-discrimination clause!

Nelson recently joined an inclusive political party, the “We” party. No, seriously! He also spends time trimming the hair around his cock.

This 27 year old model knows just what to do, exuding sexy confidence in every stance. Of course, Nelson has perfect reason to be cock-sure. Fat uncut cock lovers, indulge! If this one doesn’t make you want to become a member, who will?

PS. Everyone is naked this month!


Hayden Scott

He’s 24, 170 lbs, with an 11 shoe and purple briefs which have to go! Hayden used to play competitive rugby—is that where the calendar-worthy ass comes from?

When asked, “Are you straight, gay or bisexual?” Hayden casually answers, “Yes.” Here’s a man for the new millennium! Naturally, he’s a Science-Fiction writer. We’re gaga for brawn plus future-focused brains! Nice lightsaber!

Hayden’s sideburns give off a retro feel, but there’s nothing backward about those rock hard abs and the devil horns which lead erotically on down to that hard hanging cock of his…which only gets bigger as it gets longer!



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