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Alexsander Freitas

This steamy sensation is one BONIFIED reason Paragon has reached over a million visitors and has so many satisfied subscribers! Alexsander – yes, he spells his name that way - is clearly hooked on phonics and we can’t help but be hooked on him! The tats, the dark hair, the fur. Let’s hear it for this proud mammal!

Alexsander literally oozes sex. He showed up to our shoot in skin tight jeans and they didn’t last long. What’s a website to do? The reason there are few gallery shots is because this stud literally could NOT keep his clothes on! Blame it on the ridiculously carnal combination of Italian and Brazilian breeding. He is a Carioca stallion with a raging hard…well, check out the Penthouse to see the machinery he’s packing!

Mr. A has won bodybuilding competitions and stars in adult films. Let him fill you with more at his website, AlexsanderFreitas.com


Trystan Shandy

Trystan insists his blond Nordic locks are all his and in he cock-teases us just enough in his artistic nudes for us to see the carpet does indeed match the drapes!

Trystan wanted to model for Paragon because of our dedication to producing beautiful physique work. Oddly enough, Trystan has the exact kind of 30 inch waist, 5’11” tall, taut manly physique we have dedicated ourselves to produce! We imagine this golden boy in so many places: On a surfboard, under the sheets, seared into our retinas....

He spends his days staring at the well-hung pieces as a “yuppie” art collector. By night, he dives into most scenes, like the time he went out on the town as a Tudor-era prince for a boyfriend with a fetish for princes. At home in his kingdom, Trystan excels at mixed martial arts and wrestling. A pretty prince who’s not afraid to body slam? Bring it on!


Jordan Santelli

Jordan isn’t shy. We like that in a model. He gets turned on being in a studio with a camera trained on his lithe, glistening physique. So much so, that he whips out his impressive cock and declares that he prefers to take it all off than to pose in restricting underwear like he does for magazines such as Australia’s DNA.

The most memorable sex Jordan ever had was on a lifeguard tower in Orange County at sunset. That, or the time he bent a boy over in the graveyard, or….? But for all his frivolous fun, Jordan is a grounded 21 year old. He doesn’t drink or do drugs, and he’s really into weight-lifting. His peak weight was 350 lbs, but he’s slimmed down to a more manageable 170. He loves body odor, and lips. In the future, Jordan plans to own a home, marry a man, and help others achieve their fitness goals.

We had set up a studio session, but that didn't quite finish us off---so we moved into the shower for a Penthouse-worthy happy ending!


Spotlight: Louis LaSalle Fine Art Photography


This month in the Paragon Spotlight, we present the work of renowned male physique photographer Louis LaSalle, who was also kind enough to grant us an in-depth interview about his art.

Where is your studio? Do you also travel for shoots?

My studio is located in Sunnyvale California, about 45 minutes south of San Francisco. The majority of my work is shot in the studio, but I do some location work, both outdoors and interiors.

What are your thoughts on shooting in studio vs. shooting outside a studio setting?

Each has its attractions.

Studio shooting allows the greatest degree of control. You can put light wherever you need it to be. And my particular style of lighting requires multiple light sources; something that's a little hard to get when shooting in the wild. Studio shooting also provides the greatest deal of comfort and privacy for both the model and the photographer.

But most of all for me, studio shooting, against a plain background, reduces the physique to pure essentials -- no distractions. It becomes sculptural in nature.

Nico Bennett

Just beyond jailbait! Nick "Nico" Bennett is 19. How does a 19-year-old college student develop that rippling body? What’s in the water down in Tampa? Check out Nico’s nipples, buzz cut; the chasm between his six pack! Makes us want to visit the gyms near the USF campus in Tampa, where Nico is currently a sophomore.

Nico hates stupid drunks (note to readers) and wears nothing but basketball shorts to bed. He tinkers with car stereos and certainly turns up the volume (woofer!) in every one of our images. Nico may be young in age, but he expresses himself so maturely!

So who’s names are tattooed onto his back? Sacrificial fans seared into that fine flesh? We get it. This stud is drop dead gorgeous!



Calling People Magazine! Where are your editors? M-Rod is hands-down one of the sexiest men on the planet.

We caught this baseball-loving underwear and fitness model with his pants down and snapped one hell of an unforgettable session. Don’t tell his girlfriend, but there ain’t no shame in making love to the camera!

M-Rod does lifestyle videos for Vista Video, where he walks around taunting desperate housewives with his slinky sex appeal. On the side, M-Rod takes care of the planet too! He is a bonified environmentalist who can be found giving guided tours (talk about wetlands!) of Florida’s Everglades National Park.



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