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Prince Adonis

Prince Adonis

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Keep the exposure coming! That’s what Prince Adonis, our second Greek walking wet dream for July, said when we asked if he’d go balls out and heat our F-stop to double digits. Open wide - here he comes!

 At one point, Adonis dated an FBI agent and was under tight surveillance from the feds. So it’s a given we'll strip him to his beautiful bare bottom go for a thorough external inspection! He prefers women…with long flowing hair and big boobies (his favorite word). She also needs a sparkle in her eye – preferable to something else (that doesn’t, ahem, burn) in her eye. It’s true Prince Adonis has measured his own ejaculations at up to five feet! Shoot! Will someone please alert the folks at the Guinness Book?

And have you ever called a lover by the wrong name? Prince did and let’s face it: who could blame him? We’re proud to give him away – lock, stock and banging barrel.  Enjoy!



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