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Robert Christos


It’s HARD out there for a pimp! Robert is giving us some gangster god goodness. In fact, we’re not sure if he’s a prisoner in need of punishing – or if he’s a guard doing the punishing himself. 

With his shaved torso, tattoos and hard horny cock getting busy in his XXX video shoot – we’re thinking malevolence is marvelous! So sorry, were you imagining a sweet guy who loves to “help others” as a life coach? Robert is all that, too. But he’s also posing for Paragon to show off what he works so hard for (and what others get so hard for!)

He’s disciplined in all aspects of his life – and of course we know he can nail it. Robert’s a hard-working construction working bad ass, who knows how to rock a tool belt and and his way around a power-tool. In our Penthouse he drills himself to completion!



Paragon Man Underwear Auction

2017 Underwear Auction

Starting November 1, 2017

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