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Nate Karlton

Nate Karlton

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“Hey Nate, do you work out?” We bet he gets that a LOT. 

Nate told us he was shy, which is why, minutes later, www.natekarlton.com whipped out his big hard, hot meat and pounded it in our Penthouse! Seriously, Nate claims to be reserved in real life. Doesn’t he know that’s what all exhibitionists say? 

He grew up in Michigan (it’s not only the lakes which are great) and prefers a personality over a body (let’s not be hasty!) – a philosophy which didn’t stop him from sprawling his 100% approved stud-farm beef on our brown leather couch! Who isn’t captivated by his lean man muscle, masculine veins, hair and musclebound heft?

 In a partner, Nate prefers surprises: surprise dinners, surprise trips, surprise nudity on a bed of jolly ranchers. Bring it on, sex god. If you must be bold, go with your whole hard-on! Nate is also into tennis and skiing, and (grrr) loves it when you purchase his previously worn underthings at www.n8gear.com! Ps. He’s into everything minus pain! Bring it!



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