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Dean Monroe


It’s all Greek to Dean Monroe. Spy on this hot souvlaki and watch him make his special tzatziki sauce in our Penthouse! After moving to London to study photography, Dean chose (after popular prodding) to display his ample meat in front of the camera. He’s overfilling the wank bank with his beard, cut up bod and fucking hot cock! Dean once did it in a fishing boat in Mozambique. He doesn’t have to cast that rock hard rod far to reel in a meal!

Dean’s worked hardcore XXX before so he’s super comfy nude and hard – even though he’s just as well known for his lavish parties. When Dean’s not taking his clothes off to make lust, he loves to, er, entertain! This Hellenic hunk has it all: My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets My Big Fat Greek Cock! 

And let's not overlook Dean's famous rear entry.  Dean Monroe’s ass is so legendary, he recently received a police uniform and a plane ticket in the mail – with directions on how to arrive at said fan’s door. See? Desperation happens to those who feast on Dean and his (oh so) goods! For more Paragonic inspiration, follow his blog at: www.deanmonroesworld.blogspot.com!



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