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Spotlight: Muscleskins.com

While Greg Weiner was shooting handsome Paragon Muscle Man Nate Karlton, whose massive cock, inviting ass, and awesome hole you've surely already enjoyed in this very issue, Nate (pictured at left) put on the sexiest posers we'd ever seen, which he explained were custom made for his extraordinary endowment by a Fort Lauderdale-based company call Muscleskins. Nate also introduced us to Jupiter, the charming creator of Muscleskins (you can check out sexy Jupiter for yourself in the Gallery of Muscleskins images accompanying this Paragon Spotlight), and we were thrilled when he agreed to give us an interview to coincide with Nate's first Paragon Men cover.

Can you tell me a little bit about how Muscleskins came to be?

Completely by accident. I was a flight attendant buying/selling used clothing on eBay then stumbled on some cheap spandex tights. I sold them for a small fortune. In fact, I sold more than I had and had to produce them myself to fill orders. I learned how on youtube...yeah, youtube! I didn't have a clue about sewing, but I was getting phenomenal prices on anything I photographed in spandex. I'm nothing if not determined. It was logical to move to the swimwear....it showed more skin...thus more money. The old adage "sex sells" may as well be carved in stone. I was reasonably young with a ghetto booty; anything that I could squeeze my ass into sold great!

Eventually, my eBay competition brought my ads to the attention of the eBay censors. They slapped me on the wrist a couple of times, then suspended me for a week. When I asked why, they told told me I couldn't show a "penumbra". I looked it up in the dictionary and realized I was dealing with a bunch of moronic prudes and kicked eBay to the curb. I threw together a small website and opened my own web store. At first, it was just one basic suit in 10 colors. I had previously quit my full-time job and wasn't getting any new exposure after severing ties with eBay, but still had bills to pay. I didn't know the first thing about SEO or internet marketing. I had to work with the customers I already had. One day I just threw it out to them, asked what they wanted, then met their demands. Muscleskins was born out of having the flexibility to offer what no one else could. I still don't advertise. My clients are very loyal.

What were you trying to achieve?

At the time, I was just trying to spend as little time behind a desk as possible, no time behind a beverage cart, and more time enjoying life. I had faith in myself and the unending support of a best friend telling me that I could do anything I set my mind to. It was very difficult at first, but I enjoyed the challenge. It was great to have to "think" again. It was all about making work fit into the lifestyle I desired. I quickly realized no one offered what Muscleskins did. As soon as I mastered a product, I added another, building in complete flexibility for the client every step of the way. My goal is to be able to let every guy be able to design his own perfect fit at a reasonable price. It makes a lot of guys very happy. I keep it all very personal. I've always answered 99% of all emails myself. Personal service, personal fit, and a totally unique product. The best part is getting an email from a new customer after they receive their order. Even if the first item ordered isn't a perfect fit, it's usually better than anything "off the rack". They get really excited about having the ability to modify their own fit. Discount Couture. Smile

Do you design everything yourself?

Yes and no. I design the "base model" only. The Muscleskins website allows any guy to customize their fit. The client has almost unlimited flexibility when ordering online, and even more through email. If asked, I always suggest the base item for a new customer. Once he gets his first suit he can tweak the design on future orders. Once every two years I redesign everything to match what is most requested. In a perfect world, the "standard" design would fit everyone perfectly. But, all men are not created equal. Muscleskins will always keep that true to heart.

How and where are these amazing Muscleskins made?

Everything is couture. It is very rare to have requests for the exact same item twice. Once I get the order, it is translated into a unique pattern formula. This makes mass production impossible, and training a staff very difficult. A typical pattern formula for one item may be LXL1-1/2TW+4C-1SHPERI. I get an immediate visual of the suit from seeing the formula, but no one other than my brother, who was my production manager, could ever grasp the formulas. From there, every item is cut by hand and sewn to strict precision. I'm a very exacting person. I was always the type that if I wanted it done right, I need to do it myself. As of February 2011, I produce all suits myself in Fort Lauderdale. I had a staff in Atlanta, but they could take the winters, I couldn't. It's just me now in sunny Florida. Web design, product design, photography, modeling, customer service, production, shipping.....everything. I wear all the hats.

How long does it take to get my customized Muscleskin?

We (now I) ask for up to seven business days to produce and ship all orders. It isn't uncommon for an order to ship the same day, but don't count on that during peak season. I ship worldwide, so "peak season" hits twice a year. If you need it quicker, email me. I'll accommodate you if possible, but there's only so much of me to go around.

Do you serve mostly the gay community, or do a lot of male strippers and male exotic dancers of all sexual orientations use your Skins?

Surprise! There is no typical customer. I don't ask anyone's orientation, but I have many women order for their guys. If I had to estimate, I'd say it was 50/50 gay/straight. I have teenage bodybuilder customers as well as seniors cruising around the Caribbean. I offer sizing from XS to XXXL. Anything goes. I appreciate every single one of my customers.

Any Paragon Men you'd like to see modeling for you?

How about all of them? But Nate has always been phenomenal! We used him as a model several years ago when he was still shy and unknown. He's still gorgeous and an incredibly nice guy.




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