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Joao Caneco

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When you think of Miami, do you picture pastel Art Deco design? Here comes something meatier! The symmetry of superstud Joao Caneco laid to bed in a steamy spread worthy of Architectural Digest.

He just won Mr. Miami bodybuilding – even his jock is bursting with pride! Who wants to be his sponsor? For more of this hard-bodied, protein shake spurting beauty, hit him up at www.joaocanecomodel.com

Because Miami is a HOTBED for hunks, we’re setting up our own studio space to capture the virtual feast of all Joao's Latino dopplebangers! Maybe we’ll get a gang of similar raven haired gods, put them together in a room and see what the camera captures?

Joao has been modeling up a storm ever since we shot him last year, and he’s got a new fetish too – vajazzled vajayjay. Pink parts pressed with jewels for King Stud? Step to the front of the line!

We retain hard hopes to lure him, totally naked and fully erect, into our Penthouse next time – from the glimpses of his breathtaking endowment, Joao is big and perfect EVERYWHERE - until then, we remain speechless at the artistry he performs in our gallery just lying down and breathing (and baring his magnificent ass). Say AHHHH.



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