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Luke Gardner

Luke Gardner

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 2nd year? 2nd to None! If you’ve got a rapier wit and a hatful of cocky you better back it up, sexy. Luke Gardner backs it up and fills out his first-ever full frontal - and you ain't gonna find a more apt (rapt?) piece of blue jeaned, blue collared beefstud this side of the Ozarks!

He’s giving off a five alarm fire realness that makes you want to stop, drop, roll over and wonder: Did I pack the knee pads? Luke likes a low-drama partner who rides him treats him like a trophy.

The worst pick up line he’s endured: “Hey, smell this rag!” Uh huh. We’re bound, gagged and chloroformed by his meatyman XXXX form. We don’t mind what’s sore in the morning just so long as we can fantasize about Luke Gardner and his massive thighs, Brazilian strip of pubic hair leading to his thick helmeted cock stiff as a 2x4 in our hardcore spread.

He was so turned on after our long session with a raging hard-on that he turned around and rubbed one out, promising to give his fans the full geyser next, ahem, shoot. The taunting bastard. We won’t stalk you, Luke, but we can if you like.



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