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Marco Ferrara


Talk about a hunger. Marco Ferrara makes us feel like Amy Winehouse at Liquorland. Sorry, is it too soon?

You’ll forgive the rude if we move to lewd and admit that – yes, Marco Ferrara (aka Angelo Antonio) eats his own copious cum in our smoking XXX Penthouse video!

He was one of our first models and, having wowed our subscribers with his gorgeous-bodybuilder/contortionist-who-jerks-off-while-doing-splits routine, he’s back to show us that the second ride is, yes, bigger than the first! He’s been training – watch him grow – to be an executive bodyguard. Gaze galore at his hot hard papi sausage and a mass index the masses come for!

Marvel at the perfectly pinchable nipples, heaving chest with a handsome face to match. Marco gets it rock hard and raring (cue the sound of revving engines) to go for you today! On a lighter note, he’s got a pet parrot.

Which takes our animal minds back to majestic macaws, soaring over prehistoric jungles, the last link to dinosaurs, all the way back to the combustible big bang - and, naturally, Marco. The Incredible Bulk!  



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