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Montreal Mike

Mike, is that a nun on your arm or are you just happy to see us?

It may be his first visit to the hallowed halls of Paragon Men (in honor of our second birthday, the rest of the men this month are reader favorites), but I nominate Montreal Mike (also known as "Mike Matters" at Colt Studios) as most likely to result in a sticky keyboard!

True to Montreal form, he’s got the bursting musclebound bod, hung cock (long and thick) and arrives on time. He even comes on cue! He has the maleman creed down: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom will stay this courier from the completion of his appointed rounds.” In our Penthouse, Mike delivers in a steamy, wet and wild j/o scene to rival Katrina!

We got him long, hard and lathered rubbing it out in a giant shower – the better to fit his massive member. He's a one-man masturbathon! Dude even fogged up our asexual camera!

Forget his XXX brute masculinity and questionable English – Mike’s got a good heart, a sweet demeanor, and his favorite body parts on others are holes and mouths. Mais oui!



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