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Spotlight: Germán Armenta of PICSESSIONS Photography

This month in the Paragon Spotlight, we are pleased to present the stunningly beautiful nude male images created by Mexican photographer Germán Armenta for PICSESSIONS Photography. Armenta's images have been widely published online and have reached iconic status among those of us who enjoy beautiful pictures of naked men. We were fortunate enough to be able to speak with Germán in his Mexico City studio.

Do you shoot only in Mexico City or do you also travel for shoots?

I do both. When I’m in Mexico, I’m always working with the local guys I contact to shoot. I also love to travel, and every time I do, I get in contact with many guys to work together. I enjoy that so much!

What sorts of images do you create?

The types of images that I like to create are images that highlight male beauty in all its facets, with the mission of telling a story.

Do you have a favorite category?

Male beauty in general is the category I like to work with. I don’t like labels or being catalogued as a photographer whi is only focused in young beautiful boys, or bears, or bodybuilders. My project called PICSESSIONS is open to all kinds of men; that’s why I like to capture all type of sides of masculinity.

What are your thoughts on shooting in studio versus shooting outside a studio setting?

I prefer working on location more than in the studio. However, both options allow you to do different types of work. In the studio, you focus more directly on the model. On location, there is a greater challenge to integrate the beauty of the model with that special place where you are taking the photos.

How did your career start and develop?

My career as a photographer actually began six years ago, when I decided to start developing the theme of male beauty in black and white photographs. It all started as a hobby because I had freelanced for many years and was looking for an interesting activity to occupy my free time, so I had no excuse not to start doing something I'm passionate about. Curiously, what began as a hobby began to grow. A few months later, my friends were recommending their own friends to take pictures with me. So what began as something small has grown little by little. However, photography for me is still an additional activity in my life, it remains a hobby. I'm still working in textiles and fashion. But I love photography, is something that I cannot stop doing.

Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?

Well with only six years experience as a photographer, I do not know if I am in a position to give advice, but I can tell you that being a good photographer is not a matter of buying the best camera and best equipment; creativity and beauty combined in the right way will be your best tools.

Where has your work been published? Where can our readers find more of your work?

My work has been published in several online magazines in countries all over the world, including DNA from Australia, AXN from England, BDD from Spain and BeautifulMag from France. Thanks to BeautifulMag I was able to contribute to the book Beautiful Vision, in which I am very happy to have represented my country and have been published with great masters of photography of many countries as Sylvain Norget, Eric Schwabel, Henning Von Berg, Dylan Rosser and Justin Monroe. I’m a big fan of all of them, and to me it was a great honor to receive the invitation from the guys from BeautifulMag and to work for a good cause, as all the royalties from Beautiful Vision were donated to Sidaction.org.

What drew you to photographing artistic nude images of men?

I’ve observed that in today's world, most publications devote more attention to female beauty, which is why I thought it was much more interesting to explore the beauty of masculinity. Men do not need makeup or many devices like the woman to look beautiful.

The interesting thing about photographing beautiful men is that it is a fascinating world, and now every day I can see that many new photographers want to address that theme as inspiration for photographs, it is certainly a subject that today can be addressed with more freedom, before there were many prejudices in this regard, so it is a pleasure to be part of this wave of photographers who now have the theme to the beauty of man, I can say that the main reason why I chose to photograph people is because I have a strong admiration for beauty, and still more by the male beauty

What are your thoughts on color versus black and white physique photography?

When I started my photography project, I was convinced that I just wanted to take black and white photographs. What I love about black and white photography is that I think that images are more poetic, I really like how you draw lines with light and shadows is something magical. I personally have the perception that color photography is something more real and black and white photography is a bit more fantastic. But lately I've been doing color photography because it is something I am slowly finding as fascinating too.

How do you use lighting in your work?

That's an interesting question, as I mentioned moments ago, to buy a large and very impressive lighting equipment, as well as a spectacular camera does not mean that it will make you a great photographer, I use natural light, this is very interesting because the sunlight is always changing, and within seconds each shot changes completely, that's a challenge for me. In my personal opinion the natural light is best, but I'm also open to working with lamps because the results are excellent as well.

Do you use any image enhancement or retouching software?

I only use Photoshop. It's fascinating that there are plenty of techniques to improve every picture. I am convinced that the way you use these techniques will also define your personal style to do photography.

Which photographers or artists have most inspired you? Whose work has most impressed you recently? Which new photographers are you watching?

Robert Mapplethorpe was definitely the artist who awakened my great admiration for photographers who have chosen the nude male as subject matter. Another photographer who has had an enormous impact on me is Tom Bianchi; I have several books about him and his excellent work. I love the work of David Vance. Also I like what Mark Jenkins is doing and I think that also setting the standard for male nude photography are Paul Reitz and Rick Day.

What inspired you to start your blog?

When I realized that my work was being well accepted by the public, I saw the need to keep people updated about my most recent works. I also realized that it would be helpful to say something as I worked on my project to let the people know what is my project about, so the answer was to establish a forum to express myself. Another important reason is that in Mexico, projects like mine that involve male nudity are not important for the owners of the galleries and book publishers. Fortunately, the current technology and the Internet allow us to create forums to showcase our personal projects. It is thanks to that I am now in communication with you and that gives me great joy.

What do you look for in a model?

Actually, I don’t have a specific type. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my project is open, and there is no specific type of man I prefer to photograph. What is important is that they are very masculine and they definitely have very beautiful bodies, regardless of age. My mission is to capture the different facets of masculinity as I said earlier.

Which male body type do you prefer: bodybuilder, fitness model, slender beauty, all of the above, or other?

I like all these guys you mention. All are welcome!

Shaved or hairy? What’s your ideal?

Shaved guys give you the opportunity to capture more clearly the lines that form on their muscular bodies, but hairy men are completely hot!! Sometimes if the model is hairy or smooth doesn’t matter, what makes a male model interesting is not the amount of hair, I mean, what makes him interesting is the potential he has in front the camera, his personality in general.

Do you consider any of your models your muses?

Each and every one of them have meant a strong motivation to do photography to me. I will always be grateful to them for having been part of my project.

What is the best way for models or fans to reach you?

Thank you very much for asking this, everyone can send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , I will gladly respond to your messages, I like to give reply. My blog is visited more often aho I publish my most recent work, the address is www.picsessions.blogspot.com.




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