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Martin Roberts

Confuscious said, “Big man no necessarily mean big dick.” But ancient Chinese wisdom is dead wrong in the case of Martin Roberts – a man with a barrel chest to match his veiny tubesteak. Lest we forget (perish the thought!) the rich ballsack clinging sweaty to his thigh. We’ve met philanthropists less generous!

He fantasizes about supermarket sex, which conjures all manner of unsanitary images: Martin lying seductively in the produce section (bring your own banana!), rolling around smothered in mayo on aisle five, we could go on but it’s getting awkward. Nevertheless, the sinful thoughts in your head have been asked to stay. Martin mesmerizes that way.

We found Martin at the gym. Yes, he was discovered – like uranium, gravity and Hedy Lamar. And much like those discoveries, he is a force to be reckoned with! Hailing from Argentina, we picture him as a bolero-swinging gaucho prowling the pampas. One we were able to capture and put to bed pumping exclusively for Paragon. Que rico! Envying the lucky white sheets sullied by his manly eau de testosterone? No worries, they’ll be up for auction in the gift shop.

Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness clearly doesn’t know where to shop. For a small fee, enter our smoldering Penthouse where you can lie down snug as a bug in his XXX rug!



Paragon Man Underwear Auction

2017 Underwear Auction

Starting November 1, 2017

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