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Brandon Lewis

Don’t let the bashful grin fool you. Brandon Lewis is a cocksure cat who can come on command! And he does in our Penthouse – blowing gobs of hot boy spunk right when we tell him to. Atta boy, Brandon. Dude was in construction until the housing bust forced him to hammer into porn. The A-Frame’s loss is our A-List gain!

Brandon grew up wanting to be a pro baseball player – and guess what? Batter’s still up! If there were a world series of cock, his would be a home run. It’s thick, it’s rich, it’s buttery. You can practically put it on pancakes.

This homegrown hero won our Paragon Men contest at Splash Bar in New York where his shy personae mixed with rock hard moves have those in attendance recalling the night as unforgettable; a legend on par with the slutty blackout of ’03.

In person, he’s got a Southern drawl, cuz he’s from Atlanta and that’s how they speak: A little bit dumb, a little bit Rhett Butler. Yessir, he’s genteel, resurrecting simple courtesies like writing love letters, holding open car doors and shooting pure poetry in our Penthouse. Chivalry is a gooey hot load!

Did we mention he cums on cue? All for you. Now.



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