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Real Paragon Man of the Month - Bo Bangor

Real Man of the Month Bo Banger is so banging that after posting pics on Facebook, his account was instantly deleted for breeching terms of decency. We won’t censor here! Get your fill of this former Navy hero in our Penthouse where he’s showing us his firm and cruisy stern, aft, mast and (oh yes!) starboard!

Pierced, inked, and adventurous – Bo likes getting tied up and browbeaten by military/policeman/uniformed sadists – which is odd, because that is exactly how we’d describe this alpha stud! He’s a rugged man who likes it tough – except when it comes to the occasional chick flick (he’s a sucker for Fried Green Tomatoes).

Bo’s also got a winning smile, though he doesn’t reveal it easily. It takes a special one to crack that nut. His smile is like a secret, a Dahlia bloom, or Brigadoon. It arrives when it wants to. Thankfully for those of us who admire him, smiles are immediate and often.

He’s here to show off all the hard work he’s done to stay in killer shape and this photo shoot captures it all. His secrets unveiled like from a time capsule – one you really must swallow. God willing.



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