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Robbie G

'International Relations' is not, apparently, trading sex for a foreign couch. Robbie studies this worthy topic as a student and who wouldn’t want such a handsome ambassador for truth, justice and the right of a man to not shave his body hair?

With the perfect dusting of mammal fur, Robbie G turns fans feral at Adonis club where he “entertainment dances” (oh, what a slippery slope). It’s always Saturday night fever with this dead ringer for John Travolta circa 1976. Turns out a modeling agent discovered him at the gym and a heartthrob was born - right over on the decline press!

Wanna get under the hood of this hirsute hotrod? He enjoys a woman who can hold an intelligent conversation, preferably while resembling Marilyn Monroe. It wouldn’t hurt if she could also play pool, his favourite pastime. She’d like that Robbie has tons of practice wrapping his hand around sticks and pushing balls into dark, eager holes.

He may be just 21, but Robbie’s already “outgoing, determined and goal-oriented” – the same attributes of his big ol’ dick! He blew a monster load in the Penthouse and that’s exactly why we call him Robbie G (for Gushing)!



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