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Colorado: home to age-old peaks like the Rockies, and mesmerizing youthful erections like Hayden Richard. This golden find pans out to perfection with thick hairy armpits, runway looks and a tawny toned body. Plus a missile of mass destruction that could launch a pre-emptive war for Paragon supremacy!

Hayden has a teacher fantasy, and once went to yoga class just to date the instructor. Later he worked on her downward dog because the wheelbarrow position is his favorite (he loves that part of female anatomy where back meets ass). Hayden prefers to play that way - with his Jack in the Box!

He’s big on the outdoors – hiking, camping and rock climbing. And as for bouldering, Hayden’s dynamite in our PH XXX feast! He has no shame and said he once blew a load in a Walmart (our kingdom to hear “clean up on aisle five” over the loudspeaker).

The most memorable pick-up line studly Hayden ever heard was, “You’re gorgeous and we should fuck.” To which he quipped, “And so we shall, you old-fashioned thing." Take your turn in our pages!



Paragon Man Underwear Auction

2017 Underwear Auction

Starting November 1, 2017

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