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Jon Galt

Jon Galt

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If Paul Bunyon and the Brawny paper towel dude had a daddy, he would be Jon Galt. This objectivist fantasy could surely wield an axe and absorb spillage. He’s 5’10”, 186 pounds of pure DILF. Jon was discovered by Titan Men when they caught his photo on a friend’s fridge.

He’s been magnetizing the masses ever since! With those penetrating eyes and a dick that was born for porn – Jon plunges into orgy scenes and daddy slab slapping in our XXX PH as easily as he plunges into the stratosphere as a skydiving enthusiast. His fetish is for fellow manly, manky men who also ride Harleys. He’s turned off by men who don’t act like men, so please adhere to gender roles and avoid the body glitter. Much like the acrid scent of an ass, it’s impossible to get out of the sheets!

Surprisingly, Jon gets tongue tied around men he’s attracted to. If he starts to stutter, buy him a vowel! His tribal tattoos are his pride, and he’s collaborated with his artist to embellish each one. His best body parts are his butt and ass; nobody’s complained about the monster cock either – it penetrates all orifices of the imagination!



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