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Real Paragon Man of the Month - Nico Stallone

Real Paragon Man of the Month - Nico Stallone

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Nico Stallone is our Real Man of July – and a bangin’ barrel-chested blast from erotic past. Nico comes from an epic stable of straight porn star studs. During our shoot, we learned all about the porn industry back in the pre-internet era, but as others may have an expiry date, Rick is still selling! What can we say? This hustler’s first love is still… fucking!

Prior to his porn career, 6’2” 225 lb. Nico was a national level bodybuilding competitor at the tender age of 19. Since then, all his sexual fantasies have all been filled. He once took on 15 girls on film – it’s kinda hard to top that! He’s an affectionate soul and one day plans to get married and put that baby batter to use baking children. But first, get your mind back in the gutter – where he’s spillin’ seed for our PH!

When he was just 12 years old, Nico and a mischievous pal got their hands on the XXX film “The Postman Always Comes Twice” (not starring Lana Turner, FYI!) and after just one scene, he turned to his friend and said, “I’m gonna do that one day.” One day came, another day came - Nico Stallone is still coming!



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