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Rudolf Schneider

Rudolf Schneider’s big muscle blows that “imagined pleasures are the best” theory out of the water! His private Paragon pump show is more live action than a Las Vegas back booth bonanza. And what happens in Paragon's Penthouse – stays erect forever!

Why are blue eyes always “piercing”? Stab your eyes out ogling this 120kg hunk of in-demand beefcake. Rudolf is reminiscent of a smooth Romanian gymnast, but instead of London 2012, he gives subscribers an Olympian floor show that gets bonus points for its extraordinary physique technique!

  Besides showing off along the well-strutted sidewalks of Miami Beach, Rudolf is a “normal” guy who likes rest and peace. He loves skimpy clothes, and confidence but Rudy draws the line at rudeness. Feel free to ask him anything, he’s a well-known open book (an epic page-turner at that!) who models in both Europe and the USA. Interestingly, Paragon Men only worships two kinds of models - domestic and foreign!



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