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Accountability is the mantra of this man among boys. Gruff daddy Colt has zero tolerance for those who don’t use their lives to achieve the results they desire. Pumping iron gets results, sitting on the couch gets other results. Today, you can sit on the couch and watch Colt pump his downward sloping cock to completion. There's a desired result.

California Colt grew up home-schooled in a religious cult. He’s since shed not just the cult but all his clothes! Colt performs for the odd bondage video, and flexes and pumps for Paragon Men in both a behind-the-scenes and a steamy XXX. Another lesson in accountability - join a cult and your child will masturbate to public acclaim. It’s decreed.

Our shoot was a scorcher and to get Colt’s electricity flowing – and pipes bursting – he brought along his girlfriend for some extra, er, stimulation. He both looks like Tarzan (loincloth? What loincloth?), Jane could swing from those impossibly pumped up pecs. Remember when hot and bothered turns to a primal need, Paragon’s got XXX seed!



Paragon Man Underwear Auction

2017 Underwear Auction

Starting November 1, 2017

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