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Damon Sparks

Don’t let the Prince Valiant haircut fool you, gen Y is packing the sword AND the stone! Damon Sparks is an unmoored nympho and in this day and age, a bedpost notch correlates to Facebook friend count. Let’s just say Damon’s reached his 5,000 “friend” limit. At least according to Facebook…

For Paragon, video game junkie Damon did something extraordinary. He put down the Xbox and pulled off his clothes to reveal a delicious body that betrays a massive joystick. Waging orgasm in Paragon’s cyberspace (ain’t no inertia here!), Damon cheated on himself with his left hand! Ambidexterity is where it’s at, and this smooth sex cat also uses both hands as a Martial Arts expert.

On days where he’s not confronted with ninja hordes that must be destroyed, Damon looks to own a salon, continue practicing his unique attitude of ‘optimistic confidence’ and parlay that credo into tons of public sex. He’s off to a rip-roaring start!



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2017 Underwear Auction

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