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Michael Miles

Michael Miles

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MM is a monogram for smooth sailing with this former naval midshipman who stays in shape stroking his own oar! Other times, he shares his fathomless talents with porn sites such as rawstrokes.com and gangbangboys.com; and on very special occasions like this month – he graces the glossy elite of Paragon Men! Between his thighs - for your eyes!

Michael is a tight, young 148 pound pocket rocket who one day hopes to own his own business, either in San Francisco or New York City. He’s a third generation Italian immigrant and his geneology includes ties to notorious gangster Lucky Luciano. Judging by what MM is smuggling in his pants, Lucky is anyone who steals a grope or a glance!

Fat-headed uncut cock aside, MM is now on the hunt for a man with fresh breath, a big brain, and bigger hands that know how to grip. He’s into climbing, scaling, bouldering, anything outdoors. And to bed? Michael wears muscle shirt and briefs… because in gift giving as in foreplay, it’s always fun to have some wrapping to rip off. With your teeth!



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