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Marshall White

Viewer indiscretion advised! On a recent Florida scouting mission, we caught Magic Marshall doing a lubed up strip number and immediately signed him up for Paragon greatness. A huge part of his sex appeal is that dashing smile. A smile is not only winning, it let’s everyone know Marshall loves being objectified! Hit the PH and watch the spunk fly!

Weighing in at 195 pounds, this creamy stud idolizes the respected humanitarian and icon, Jessica Simpson. Marshall is, after all, only 21 and Jessica probably does smell nice. Also her big mouth could open wide enough to wrap around his hog (teeth marks, however, cannot be ruled out). Marshall’s turgid cock is not unlike the ready and rigid tail of a Pointer upon sniffing out a pheasant. 

His tattoo reads “Veritas and Equitas” which, of course, is Latin for LOVE ME LONG TIME. Who wouldn’t? Marshall is the one in the family that all siblings hate because he got ALL the good genes and they were left with only the scraps. Everything is so satisfactual, there’s a bluebird on his shoulder!



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