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Derek Anthony

“Nobody asked me to do porn because of my FACE,” says XXX hung Derek Anthony. Not that his face couldn’t model itself, but save that for HSN and let’s sell the NSFW merchandise. Derek’s powertool is so big he gets faint with each swelling erection. It’s so hefty you could hang towels on it, do the limbo under it, use it as a barbell. This ain’t hyperbole. Go on, poke an eye out in our PH!

As this silver sensation gets older, he gets bolder. Derek’s comfortable with his suit fetish, or being gay and having sex with women when the production calls for it. Other duties involve being a caregiver to Alzheimers patients. Imagine the thrill seniors enjoy when meeting gorgeous Derek each day… for the first time!

For variety, he enjoys the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii, and he believes laughter can save lives. One sexual fantasy involves being a cat burglar; climbing into a bedroom window via a rope and ravishing its occupant. Whether this fantasy qualifies as a “legitimate rape” will be decided by a Republican congressman.

Derek is honest in a town (Hollywood) that doesn’t cope well with blunt truth. Can’t handle the truth? Try handling this legendary purple-helmeted catapult! Sorry, was that tactless? Disclaimer: Paragon Men is no longer affiliated with Miss Manners



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