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Real Paragon Man of the Month - Adam Tattagliay

It goes to figure if you work behind a desk all day, you’re playing with your dick beneath it. Or, as in the case of Adam Tattaglia, you answer ads on Craigslist to play with your dick. Paragon’s Real Man for October is all-natural (all organic, in the flesh!) with a reputation for unnaturally-sized (still organic) loads of come.

Although he once told a girl he was a CIA operative (that didn’t end well), Adam looks more like a door-to-door 1950s Fuller Brush salesman. Ringing doorbells, stripping to his XL white Hanes briefs and sweeping desperate housewives off their feet with tales of his exploits on raunchy websites like Babes Ballin’ Boys, Mikehancock, and Redmilf Productions.

This Real Man is outgoing, works hard, and loves giving to others. Adam gives Paragon viewers his bone (far more X-rated than a rib!), showing off his exhibitionist side 9 to 5 and overtime for lucky voyeurs on Paragon Men. NSFW? Exactly!



Paragon Man Underwear Auction

2017 Underwear Auction

Starting November 1, 2017

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