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Jeremy Bolan

At first, Jeremy only agreed to do the Gallery shoot. He posed in his swimsuit, and the artistic (cock-covering) nudes. But later that night, Jeremy had a change of heart. He called us back, a little bit nervous. Could he return and perform a rock-hard full-frontal shoot for the Penthouse? Welcome back!

Jeremy had no good reason to be nervous. Not with that horsecock! We love his ass, too, with just the right amount of downy hair. He claims to be a virgin, and that he sleeps in superhero pajamas. So why do we get the feeling Jeremy is the kind of comedian who hates to fill out a questionnaire?

Or is it that juicy horsehung Jeremy just prefers to show (off) and not tell? The explicit photos speak for themselves!

Davier Valentino a/k/a Lorenzo Kaiden

200 pounds of mighty, muscular, macho caramel perfection! We first feasted our starving eyes upon delicious Davier when he was dancing in Dallas. From there, it took a full year of negotiations before nailing him down for our exclusive Paragon spread. As you can see, it was well worth the wait!

Yo! This stud really gets into football, rap, and health food! If he moved anywhere else, Davier says it would be Vegas. Whatever happens there, we’ll gamble on his winnings! They include, of course, the 8 glorious uncut inches featured in the Paragon Penthouse.  Join us there, where we explore every luscious inch of Davier's physique.

For our next Paragon Penthouse shoot, Davier says he’d like to do get naked, hard and soaking wet in his pool. Davier, we like the way you think.

Matthew Towers

Check out this Paragon Man. Matthew Towers is one hulking side of on-his-way-to-professional bodybuilder beef! Look at those veins!

He’s also an approachable guy. “I always get people asking if they can touch me!” Naturally, the answer is YES because Matthew hates inhibition!

Right now, this aspiring bodybuilder works as a limo driver in Tampa. Matthew loves this job because he's always meeting and chatting with new people flying in and out of Tampa International Airport. Muscleman Matthew is a huge Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Florida Gators football fan, and he’s also into games of the cyber sex variety. Of course women often shut down the computer and rush to the back of his limo once they see the goods!  Considering the jaw-dropping stick shift Matthew shows off in the Penthouse, who wouldn't want to take a ride?

So….if Matthew and his milky white muscular smoothness were to appear in a sexual fantasy, which role would he play? The limo driver, he says. Duh.  Driver, we so want to touch you!

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As a child, Brooklyn-born G-Force was the smallest in his class. His weight was way below average, which is probably why he’s now way above average—in all respects! And the man can lift.   For all you muscle worshippers out there, G-Force has been an IFBB professional bodybuilder since he won the Bantamweight class at the Men's NPC Nationals back in 1997.

He discovered early on that he had the tenacity to achieve his goals, and also to eat things like oatmeal.  His inspiration was...television!  G-Force grew up watching the Incredible Hulk, and practiced ripping his shirt off. He has yet to put it back on!

When G’s not doing fitness modeling, or stunning the crowds in IFBB pro bodybuilding competitions, he can be found performing in erotic videos (like you'll find on enterprising G's private web site and the very sensual performance that massive muscleman G-Force delivered in our very own Penthouse) or reading self-help books. It’s important to strike that sexy balance!

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Archer Stevens

Archer Stevens

Gallery / Nudes / Videos

Golden Archer! This bronzed Floridian won us over with his frank smile, scorching physique, and the masculine way he took off his clothes without any prompting.

Archer's natural-born nudist who admires confidence, and inspires it too!  He's hairless (to show off all that definition) and tells us he gets turned on when someone else keeps him smooth.  Ok?  Ready that razor!

Archer’s now single after the break up of a long-term relationship. We ask what he learned from the experience and he notes, dryly, “You can’t change anyone but yourself” –with Archer, why change a thing?

Watch for Archer's upcoming video performance in our Penthouse.  It scores a bullseye!  

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Kevin Ashlee

Kevin Ashlee

Gallery / Nudes / Videos

Do you want to know why Kevin Ashlee entered our studio with a black eye? Turns out he got into a fight while on the model runway in DC. He flirted with a girl in the audience and her boyfriend jumped up and punched him. We missed a catwalk brawl?

Kevin did just as good a job flirting with our lenses. And we didn’t even hit him! Kevin was an easy shoot, perhaps because he’s an actor, and always turned on in front of a camera.

He eats artichoke, and loves New York: a combo must do amazing things for his perfect posterior. Do you see his artistic nudes on the crate? This gallery is what we at Paragon like to call precious cargo!

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