Real Paragon Man of the Month Jake

Real Man Jake – or Woody Harrelson? This natural born killer has the piercing aquamarine eyes to go with the steely hard package and thick lead pipe. Those nips? They’re for tweakin’. That cockring? For the fuckin’. The firebreathing dragon on his deltoid? We have no idea. But that doesn’t mean Jake himself hasn’t come right out of fantasy legend - all scorching 200lbs of this bodybuilding, hiking and fitness freak.

Jake’s making dreams come true- both across the cybersphere and in his role as CEO of a hormone therapy clinic in Washington DC. is a wellness clinic specializing in preventative medicine, nutritional supplements, and hormone therapy to improve the quality of life. Need to lose weight? Gain Muscle? Increase sex drive? Look no further. In fact, Jake imparts all of that here at Paragon with his erotically super-charged touching video. And when we say it’s a touching video, we do mean it will move you!

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