M Rod

How do you like it? More, more, more! Because you begged, we sneaked in an extra sultry session (in the shower, on the bed) with Mr. Popular.

“Maaaaarrrrcel”, that’s what French chanteuse Edith Piaf screamed for, crying out the name in a plaintive refrain of desire – now echoing across the cybersphere. In direct response, Marcel is here – stripped XXX bare – to satisfy the downright dirty longings of the flesh.

Epic proportions, massive meaty thighs, a bang-hard cock, chocolate eyes and a winning smile join forces to create a man who is both porn pup and high fashion model. Of course he’s not totally perfect – Marcel once nearly crashed his car while getting a road head job. Driven to distraction… it’s just something he inspires.

Marcel lives in Miami and excels at most sports, especially baseball (he does cover all the bases), reads 19th century bodice-ripping literary classics, and what’s his favorite tattoo? The one on his wrist, because it says mother “the person I love most”. So sweet, but also understandable - gawk at what his momma gave him!

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