Angel Rock

At just 21, Angel is on his way to porn superstardom and that’s all because he’s SO generous with his fans. Join the club and reap its rewards in our PH where this Cuban Angel gets devilish for our cameras - uncensored and gloriously uncut.

He’s 5’ 5” and 165 lbs, with most of the weight in his cock - because it’s always the little guys packing the most lethal heat. His 8.5” cock makes a “hard hook”, which is the reason his sexual conquests now walk with a limp. Which direction does his manhood grow? The answer is in his XXX solo session, go and get hooked!

Angel’s got a light dusting of hair (partners may manscape him, as foreplay), fuzzy pits smelling vaguely of dank sweat, and an adorable face you want to squeeze – or smash into the pillow! He’s a proud gay man, but is obsessed with Sofia Vergara. What is it about her titties? Angel says a banging cleavage reminds him of ass.

This XXX porn star sometimes wishes he was a virgin again. And it’s when they put the wistful in the lustful that all hearts melt… Angel’s also a videographer and puts up videos on his Youtube channel: Check out his other talents there – and his god-given ones right here!

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