Davier Valentino a/k/a Lorenzo Kaiden

200 pounds of mighty, muscular, macho caramel perfection! We first feasted our starving eyes upon delicious Davier when he was dancing in Dallas. From there, it took a full year of negotiations before nailing him down for our exclusive Paragon spread. As you can see, it was well worth the wait!

Yo! This stud really gets into football, rap, and health food! If he moved anywhere else, Davier says it would be Vegas. Whatever happens there, we’ll gamble on his winnings! They include, of course, the 8 glorious uncut inches featured in the Paragon Penthouse.  Join us there, where we explore every luscious inch of Davier's physique.

For our next Paragon Penthouse shoot, Davier says he’d like to do get naked, hard and soaking wet in his pool. Davier, we like the way you think.


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