Rob Bryan

Rob Bryan

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Givin' good face!

After spotting Rob Bryan's chiseled bone structure on a modeling website, we knew we had to bring him in for a session with our cameras! He arrived to the studio with a professional makeup artist and even some props in tow. This doesn't always happen. Handsome Rob is just the kind of man they’re hiring in the want ads: A motivated self-starter!

Rob Bryan loves to show off his smooth chest, something living in sunny Tampa gives him plenty of chances to do. He works as an accountant and (obviously) models on the side. If you want to impress Rob, his favorite things are house music, Paris, and chicken Caesar salads! This luscious Latino is much more than a pretty face and worked out chest. He's smart and charming and more.... Next time—we’d love to get Rob Bryan's pants off for an intimate Penthouse shoot!

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