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There’s so much to love about Israeli men. They’re so predictably hot in that dark Mediterranean way. Take Sam Devries. From Tel Aviv, he’s living up to our high expectations…up to and including that sexy facial hair. Shalom!

Sam’s shot before with our photographer Greg Weiner who, he says, puts him at ease and by the look of the photos, Greg brings out the best in this sultry specimen. Now in NYC, the Israeli transplant has a penchant for painting and photography. His favorite thing to do in the bedroom is…sleep. As for sex, that takes place anywhere but the bedroom!

Sam’s hobby is Capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts dance. Besides the music, he loves the hand-stands, floor movements, and take-downs. All these wrestle-mania moves have us imagining sam in all sorts of compromising positions. We can’t wait to shoot this rough ‘n touch man again, in a take-down with some jock gear, tattoos, and leather. Just sayin’…


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