Ray Silvera

Ray Silvera

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Rising Floridian superstar Ray was in town to visit his girlfriend. Lucky for us, he wanted to work (it) a little too! We love shooting models who really like to pose, and try new stuff. Just look at this ruggedly youthful exuberance. It really shines through. From the rug, to the floor, to the… damn, from inside that tiny little swimsuit!

If Ray could live anywhere, it would be Australia…and can’t you just picture him in those Speedos saving lives and strutting the sands of Bondi beach? That, or maybe Manley…

Ray works out nearly every day. He also shaves his body hair, loves Chinese food (chicken/broccoli is his favorite) and fondling breasts. In his spare time, he’s a footballer who wrestles, and surfs. He also really gets turned on by challenges.

We at Paragon Men can't get enough of sexy Ray, and would like to lure him back for a trip to our Penthouse. We’re thinking if you encourage him enough with your comments… he’ll be turned on enough to accept that challenge!


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