Ian Turner

Ian Turner

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We only shot Ian a week ago in California, but couldn’t want to wait to show him off on this site! He’s got tons of attitude----in all the right ways. He is very (cock) sure of himself, which is exactly what a photographer needs. If you like what you see here, just wait til you see the erotic nude images of Ian that grace our Penthouse!

Ian usually trims his body hair, but we asked him he grow it out. This is the one thing he wasn’t sure about---body hair---but we beg to differ. Thanks for sharing your fuzz, man!

For all his attitude, Ian does have pensive moments. Such as when he remarks, “There is good in everybody, and unlimited potential that goes unused every day.” Ian is definitely showing us his potential, and we especially love it when he gets reflective. Why do you think we shot him in front of a mirror?


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