Maxime Claude a/k/a Max Chevalier

Some like it hot! Musclehunk Maxime Claude (aka "Max Chevalier") is a motorcycle riding, dance-club going, sushi-eating stripper stud from Quebec. This 204 pound muscle stud is impossible not to notice, and wait till you see the size of the muscle he’s packing in the Penthouse!

He loves volleyball, and hates coffee breath. In the future, Maxime hopes to retire from stripping and sell real estate. In the meantime, he tells us his freakiest sexual experience was in the stripper booth one night when he was tag teamed by a mother and a daughter who shared…everything!

He has words of advice for the ladies, “When you do squats, do them deep---and you’ll have the butt I’m looking for.” He’s straight, but when asked if he experiments with his sexuality, he’s quick to add, “Money can buy anything!” We love that maxim, Maxime!


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