Real Paragon Man of the Month - Erik Grant

Can Erik’s mega-metabolism be bottled and sold? We’d make a mint! He does 600 crunches a day and lifts weights, but the more he works out, the less he gains. He’s 140 pounds and on a 4000 calorie “diet” with a goal of weighing 165 pounds…but he can’t put on the pounds!

Guess that’s what happens when you carry all your weight in your dick! Sorry, that just slipped out. Er, we wish it would slip out and into various holes! Erik is a huge fan of the Eagles. He’s one of those guys who sit with a cheesesteak (part of the diet?) in hand, screaming at the television. In sexual situations, he role plays the cop. Says Erik, “It’s all about the handcuffs.” Officer, you’re making us blush!

If you'd like to contact Erik and perhaps become friends, visit him at



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